Kotaku on "Damage Control"?

Kotaku always amazes me by how far they are willing to go in smearing any good news about the PS3. In the least of Kotaku's attempts at damage control they point on that one Tokyo shop manager "Problems". When asked if the launch could have gone smoother Kazuyuki Inakoshi, manager of Akihabara's Messe Sanoh, answered

"If you are talking about the basic demand for the newly designed PS3, it seemed so-so,".

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3790d ago
Sunny_D3790d ago

Are people finding out about this now?

Elvfam5113790d ago

is still mad about Sony not giving them info? lol how sad

chaosatom3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Kotaku people are just butt hurt.

There is more butt hurt coming their way.

Saaking3790d ago

Kotaku is a prime example of a biased website. If they love the 360 so much then go 360 exclusive and stop tainting the PS3 with mindless bashing.

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