Naruto: Rise of a Ninja (X360) screens

Ubisoft bringing popular anime/manga character to Microsoft's next-generation console next year. Seven new screenshots have been released on GameSpot.

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Honeal2g4180d ago

man i am really impressed with M$ this time around ... game selection just keeps on growing

drtysouf214180d ago

be getting this game for sure!

CrazzyMan4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

good one. =)

but i wouldn`t say that differs much from ps2 - but ofcourse better. =)

Satanas4180d ago

A lot of anime games turn out odd in 3d/2d hybrids. Plain 2D effects will likely turn out better.

sumfood4u4179d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

BELIEVE IT! It's the way of the Ninja!

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