Can Big Gaming Websites Be Trusted?

GameHeros wrote: "Video game journalism is somewhat of a rocky subject; some professionals actually in the field don't even consider themselves journalists, but "gaming enthusiasts" instead. From a consumer point of view, there are also many problems in the field, such as fanboyism and even if the website/writer is trustworthy, and really that is the biggest issue."

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meepmoopmeep3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

to trust a world governed by power, greed, conceit and corruption without question

Tylerdom3795d ago

Game publishers do have way too much control over websites. I'm not big into reading reviews, but if I do it's usually someone I feel like I know, which is usually due to them being on a podcast. I'd trust what Shawn Elliot (formally of 1up) would say, because seemed neutral and intelligent. Shockingly a lot of the "journalists" for big websites are known fanboys, like Greg Miller pretty much thinks he's a Sony employee, I don't see why anyone would take what he says serious.

deathstriker3794d ago

Overall I don't follow reviews heavily, I can look at a gameplay video and tell whether I'll like it. I might read a review or go to forums to hear if it has any technical problems or is way too short, but that's about it. If I do read a preview, review, or feature it'll most likely be from someone I like that I heard on a podcast, which is usually one of the Giantbomb, Gamespy, or 1up guys; for some reason most of the IGN guys come off as d-bags.

Unicron3795d ago

Nope. Which is why metacritic is a terrible, terrible thing.