The forgotten, beloved 60GB PS3: why it's still so popular

What has backwards compatibility, a logo ripped off of a superhero movie, and a really high launch cost? If you said the 60GB PS3, give yourself a cookie. Why the model with the rockiest launch has a dedicated following who wouldn't have it any other way.

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Saaking3786d ago

It had everything. Really the greatest version of the PS3 out there.

shingo3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

*hugs his 60 fatty OG*


3786d ago
UnSelf3786d ago

I LOVEEEE MY 60 gig. It freezes time to time, it gets super dusty but thats my busty baby and i wouldnt trade her for her younger slim sister anyday.

I never loved a system this much before in my life lol

chrisnick3786d ago

and its like new!!!.....but i want to sell it because the slim is better suited for what i use it for. i dont use most of the stuff on the 60gb but i can't find anyone who wants it. I would give it to gamestop but they're gonna turn around and sell it for 330 so im not doing that.

Mo0eY3786d ago

PM me a price, Chrisnick.

SIX3786d ago

The thing is a collectors item. Plus, I worked too hard to get one during launch. It was the most exciting console launch for me. 60 gig for life!

ReservoirDog3163786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Yup, this is the best one. I heavily use the backwards compatibility. It's failed on me twice (YLOD and the blu ray drive), but I'm a forgive and forget christian. So, all's forgiven. It's still the best.

IzKyD13313786d ago

My original is still going strong.

DRUDOG3786d ago

One YLOD. I was pissed, but got over it. I was really upset because I wasn't sure if I'd get a 60Gb in return. I had heard some horror stories from years before about people getting 80GB/non b/c PS3s in return. Of course Sony took care of me and had one back to me in less than a week. Had an extra HD from an old laptop and I've upgraded it to a 100Gb. I still use b/c (gotta love Persona 3 & 4 and GTAs) and I use the memory card slot for my camera's SD card all the time. I love my launch PS3 and would only get a slim if I wanted another one for a different room.

GrandTheftZamboni3786d ago

Agreed about being the greatest version, but will get the slim for the bedroom. I like low adrenaline activities like browsing the Internet, visiting Home or playing Flower before getting out of bed.

The Great Melon3786d ago

I have a used game store in my town that will buy back the 60 Gb for the most money. It's kind of funny to see the newest model is worth around 100-150 less than the 60 Gb. There are people out there that would like for backwards compatibility to make return, as I can't find any other reason to explain why the first two ps3s sell for so much. Anyways, I love my 60 Gb. I went out and bought it right when I heard that they were switching to skus with partial backwards compatibility.

MEsoJD3786d ago

It sits there high and mighty by my BRAVIA^_^

Wiitactics3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I'm so envious of you guys because my 60GB died(YLOD) and I bought a PS3 slim yesterday to replace him but it does not feels the same... I want to have all my PlayStation gaming on only one console. =(

Now my 60GB is on my closet waiting to be revived someday!

Whitefox7893786d ago

Your PS3 is dusty! Clean that thing man! Wipe off the shell with a lint free cloth and use a low powered vacuum on the vents it will make it last longer.

InfectedDK3786d ago

I have had my 60gb since short after the EU launch.
I gave about 1000$ for it here in Denmark.
The console has run perfect since, only tried some games that froze a few few times..
That's how a console should be :)

NewNameNow3785d ago

Had mine since January 2007, it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Hell my NES lasted nearly 20 years this thing should last 100 maybe more.

Syronicus3785d ago

And it sits on my entertainment center. It is the best of the PS3's out there and if you can get your hands on one, I suggest doing so.

Sarcasm3785d ago

My brother has a 60gb. He plays ZERO PS2 games.

I might steal it from him one day lol

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Delta3786d ago

I got me a 60GB Model or should i say 500GB PS3. Yea i like my 60GB model. It plays all PS2 and PS1 games (besides one or two games)

duplissi3786d ago

hey i have 500 in my 60 too.... wierd!

lol bubbles to you

Real Gambler3785d ago

Also have an original 60G upgraded to 500 gig, thanks to a very nice and brand new $75 Western Digital drive from Ebay.

It's funny because before the upgrade, my 60 gig was always full. Now, I've redownloaded pretty much all the interesting demos, I have pictures, I have videos, I have Linux and there's still tons of space left. Almost feel like it was overkill. Guess I will eventually fill it one day. Bought a very cheap USB case (I think I paid $12) for the old 60gig drive, and I now also have a very nice 60gig portable USB drive too.

Doesn't mean I don't have an eye on the Slim though... So glad it is still easily upgradable as well. That's one of the best thing about the console, as far as I'm concerned.

duplissi3785d ago

it is a little bit of an overkill yeah, but i bought it at best buy and was going to get the 250 wd scorpio blue $80(i think it was 80 cant remember)- but for 10 dollars more i got 500 gig version!
one thing that sucked though is that the backing up and restoring took forever!
no more deleting to make space!

THE MAX SPEED 213786d ago

Waist of an article.

The 60GB PS3 is not Forgotten at all. it's just not in stores anymore wtf.

60GB is the model most people prefer because of Backward compatibility.

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deadreckoning6663786d ago

60gb ROCKS!! It does freeze frequently though, but no biggie.

dustgavin3786d ago

Never once had my 60g PS3 freeze on me. Still going strong!

chaosatom3786d ago

I disagreed. You know why :(