Intel Launching New Core i5 Line

Ali writes: "Is a Core i7 a processor you want but its just a bit more than what you need? Well Intel has your back with their announced Core i5 processor line."

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Nihilism3795d ago

I don't know what i want to do, i want to get an i9 as it's such a big improvement over the i7's, but it seems like they'll only release an extreme edition ( or just one model of it), and if that's the case then i'll have to wait for the 8 cores( which are so far away), that's the damn problem with upgrading, figuring out when the right time is too get the best parts ( buying a dual core would have been a bad move imo)

at least if i decide to go for the i7 in a while they should be cheaper, although i doubt by much, and the i5's have awesome performance for the price

NewNameNow3795d ago

I'd say go with the i7 but definitely wait for price drops. Intels CEO is giving a keynote at CES next year so he is sure to deliver some good news.

JsonHenry3795d ago

Yes, please release a gimped version of the i7, called it an i5, and have an excuse to keep the price of the i7 high...

Nihilism3795d ago

i think you'll find the new cpu's can hold their on quite easily


Blasphemy3795d ago

The new i5s come VERY closein performance to the current i7 models(in some games even outperforming them) and have higher clocks. I think that is great considering they are using less power.

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