The Daily Scoundrel: Shock and Awe - the artistry of BioShock

The Daily Scoundrel writes: "There's a part about half-way through BioShock where you're forced to assume the role of a temporary hitman of sorts, scouting out local denizens, introducing a weapon to the back of the head, and snapping a photo of the corpse.

The photo isn't just for proof that your dirty deeds have been completed. No, this whole façade is for the spectacularly lunatic artist Sander Cohen, who'll grant you access to the area you need to be in if you help him complete his masterpiece: an astonishing statue, centre-stage in a theatre, co-functioning as a thoroughly disturbing frame for photography of the dead. This is the sort of sick, warped world that BioShock portrays so exquisitely… but we'll come to that in a bit."

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