Eidos puts pirates in the Asylum

Gamer Limit writes "Eidos appears to have laid a sneaky bat-trap, for those pesky pirates to trying to enjoy Arkham Asylum without paying.

Apparently the all important Glide abilty gets disabled if you aren't running a legit version… As a pirate recently found out on the forums."

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AcesAndEights3787d ago

Wow, asking for help on a PC game before it has even be released for the PC? That shows a special kind of pants-on-head retarded.

kalebgray923787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

what every developer should do for now on .... bungie should take notice ..... lol imagine every kill you get online is reversed so you get a headshot and you die instead .... that would end piracy... and i love how they never disclosed this info... slick eidos real slick

evrfighter3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Bohemia Interatice utilizes the fade system for their Armed Assault games going on a few years now. It's a system that makes it impossible to shoot enemies as your bullets fire in random directions if your pc game isn't legit.

This isn't new but expect a crack for it a few hours after pc version gets released.

just checked and confirmed. The glide crack is already in the wild.

Major_Tom3787d ago

Is that a joke the fix/crack came within an hour of the bug report.

People some how think this is a deterrent lol.


The point is not to stop piracy, because cracks to those always come up. It's just to give the pirate some frustration and the devs and support personal some free laughts.

likedamaster3787d ago

Chris Carter
“It’s not a bug in the game’s code, it’s a bug in your moral code.”


badz1493787d ago

that serves for a good laugh even only for an hour or so before a fix popped out or maybe forever for those pirates who don't know! nice attempt but piracy on PC is going as long as there is PC gaming! there will be no way to stop it! for me, it's better for them to spend their resources to actually make their games GOOD and worth every penny instead of focusing on next gen DRM or whatever it is to fight piracy so more people will buy it! (as well as pirating it, unfortunately!) afterall, DRM is making the legit gamers suffer, not pirates!

HolyOrangeCows3787d ago

Gaming Industry 1
Pirates 0

Altourus3787d ago

More like
Games industry - 1/10th
Pirates 13,986,437


Christopher3787d ago

The funny thing is that half of the comments are laughing at the guy for being an idiot, the other half on how this is hardly a deterrent for piracy.

Shouldn't we be a bit more supportive of these type of measures and any future ones that deter and hopefully aid in preventing piracy rather than so nonchalant about it?

TheSadTruth3786d ago

this does not deter piracy at all, there will be cracks to fix this, etc. (I didn't read the article btw)

if you want to do something that MATTERS, you log ip and mac addresses for an entire month and forward them to the RIAA

mass fines to go around

this problem is never going to be solved with stupid crap like this

some random dude isn't going to buy the game just because of this

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GrahameG3787d ago

This is how to beat the pirates.

Reminds of when Football Manager Devs made pirate copies of their game run so the team that finished bottom won the league. Imagine putting in all the hours that a season takes to find that out! Brilliant!

kalebgray923787d ago

i remember the times of cartridges and no piracy the good old days

Panthers3787d ago

Well we have that for the time being with Blu-Ray, but I am sure that wont last.

AstroZombie13787d ago

That is actually awesome all those hours just for the worse team to win.

Can't wait for FM2010.

jack_burt0n3787d ago

Ummm i had a super magicom for my super famicom >_< but i was a really poor kid.

Now I'm ok even buy the odd pc game to support relic :P

D4RkNIKON3787d ago

How can people disagree with your statement? Is there a way to pirate PS3 games that no one knows about? lol

IdleLeeSiuLung3787d ago

However, unless you clearly state the game is detected to be illegal the user my think like in this case that there is a bug or the game experience is poor without ever finding out.

I guess these people already stole the game so the likelyhoood of them buying was small to begin with anyhow.

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Pandamobile3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

See, this would be a good anti-piracy measure. Have an important aspect of the game be removed, or altered.

Some people that pirated Crysis Warhead found that their guns shot chickens.

And the game's not even out yet, why would he ask the Eidos forums for help on a game that hasn't released...

Major_Tom3787d ago

You and I both know this takes like a half hour to fix.

FantasyStar3787d ago

We both know that's not true, but that would be chuckle-worthy.

Serg3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

This type of thing only works if the running game "knows" it has been altered. Hackers get passed that as easy as disc checking. If the game "thinks" it's legit, it will act like one.

Settlers 3 has spawned infinite critters out of houses, causing the performance to go down to 1 frame per minute, until it finally crashed. 3 hours later, a new crack appeared and the problem was solved.

Pandamobile3787d ago


Yeah, but it's still funny.

Darkfocus3787d ago

they should just leak tons of fake virus infested games onto the internet so people will be less likely to download them it would stop most of the downloads from non private torrent sites

Serg3787d ago

There is a whole scene for that, trust me, I've been down the piracy road. Virus infested game copies will catch a few people, but they will be sorted out within hours, to make room for the (warning in advance, this may sound awkward) "legit" copies. I still pirate games from time to time, like Terminator Salvation, no demo, movie game-sidekick, bad reviews, still got me curious because of coop, but 10 minutes into it I hit the exit button, then the delete button.

I understand the developers and publishers want to protect their games and get more copies sold. But haven't they learned after freaking 30 years that there is no way to stop piracy? In my opinion they should just start to put out their games unprotected. They are cracked the same day they are released, with some exceptions. They spent millions on licensing/developing protection software to give hackers a few hours of challange to break the protection, which they enjoy. They even made a offline only game requireing a internet connection, and it still got cracked (Bioshock).

Not even MMOs are hack proof, google "WoW freeshard" and see for yourself.

Again I really understand that they want to protect their work, but seriously, 30 years down the road and there still is no 100% piracy proof system. Why bother trying to improve on the previous methods, there needs to be a new system altogether, not a "better" CD check than the previous one.

It gets even worse when you HAVE to get a crack because the protection is messing with your computer, SafeDisc comes to mind. GTA 3 had extreme performance issues because of the protection, apply the crack, it ran like hell.

Darkfocus3787d ago

ya i know they would get sorted out but as far as torrents go devs could just create a program to keep spamming fake versions so the real ones would be hard to find plus a lot of torrent sites don't have a comment or rating system obviously anyone internet savvy could find the real copys but I know lots of casual people who would just give up.
I don't really get why devs care so much yes its unfair but most of the people who pirate would of never bought itt in the first place so its not like they lost money. I pirate DS games but I still buy ones I really like and own lots of legit copys even though I could just pirate them instead and I agree 100% with you that nothing is fail proof and that nothing will prevent people from getting it for free if they want it bad enough but it would probaly reduce piracy wouldn't it?

evrfighter3787d ago

"lot of torrent sites don't have a comment or rating system"

If you had to know anything about torrents. you'd know not to download anything that has 0 seeds AND...

not to download anything that has 5000 seeds 8888 leechers but 0 comments.

HDgamer3786d ago

I pirated both crysis games, No such thing happened. Funny story though I end up owning both legit copies and crysis wars.

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thedoctor3787d ago

This is awesome. Glide is a pretty big decent chunk out of the game... not to mention awesome.

Suck it pirates.

SilverDragon19793787d ago

Those sneaky sneaky guys at Eidos. Good for them. :-)