The PS3 Slim's Uphill Battle Against Sony's Own Expectations

Analysts and gamers alike entertain the idea that the PS3 Slim will turn the tides of the console war, but can the machine even meet the expectations of its own maker?

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FlipMode3787d ago

The Slim exceeded their expectations.

ChozenWoan3787d ago

But anything to get hits these days.

-EvoAnubis-3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Yeah, that's exactly what Sony said. It's doing even better than they thought. But why let facts get in the way of a bullsh*t article?

gaffyh3787d ago

But I think the writer means like, do Sony expect it to do as well as PS2 slim? or something like that. Because I'm pretty sure Sony has their bar set very high for themselves, but I'm sure they are super happy with the current sales they've got.

FrankFoxJaegar3787d ago

Ya, judging by the language in the article("last week at GamesCom"), I think this was meant to be posted before the 120GB PS3's launch, not when early reports are indicating it a massive success lol

FamilyGuy3787d ago

But maybe the question is referring to sony prediction of selling 13 million consoles this fiscal year.

I think they can do it but that is an impressively high number.

FrankFoxJaegar3787d ago

That is it, I just read it.

gamesR4fun3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

"Sony, told us confidently “We are still planning on reaching our target of 13M PS3's globally for this fiscal year”. And when we hear reports that major retailers like Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon are sold out of PS3 Slims, we’re inclined to think he might just be right."

if they keep up at 500k a week np lol i dunno if the numbers are all that bad i mean their jus talking about a goal that Kaz set earlier this year. N whats more from what we've seen this week they could very well surpass it.

RememberThe3573787d ago

The Slim is The Little Engine That Could.

IdleLeeSiuLung3787d ago

it really puts in perspective with numbers what Sony has to do to meet their own expectation. I'm not talking about the immediate expectation, but the long term they already set themselves up for.

No doubt the PS3 slim has sold well, since I personally witnessed many stores sold out of PS3 slims or have very few left while I saw a bunch of 360s on the shelf.

It still doesn't mean that the console can keep the momentum. Demand might have been inflated due to many people have been waiting and anticipating for this price cut.

I didn't check the numbers, but according to the article in order for PS3 to hit it's goal it has to sell 55% increase month over month (at least how I interpreted it) for the remainder of the fiscal year. That is a huge increase! Not impossible, but huge!

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SmokingMonkey3787d ago

We need to get it out of our heads, this PS3 is not the "SLIM"

It is the

PS3 "2000" model (just like the PSP/2000/3000 and now pspGo)

I expect a real "slim" PS3 in 2-3 years. (think Wii size)

Long live teh 60gb PS3.

Arsenal4Ever3787d ago

exactly, this isn't the PS3 slim. The PS3 Slim or PSThree will arrive on it's 5th year or so.

fire233787d ago

Check the Blu-Ray forums for how big you should expect the real slim

FrankFoxJaegar3787d ago

How much smaller can it get? Maybe PSTwo sized?

fire233787d ago

According to the forum think somewhere between PS2 Original and PS2 Slim

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table3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

"However, the PS3’s performance for the first quarter of this fiscal year could be described as dire at best."

Funny how nobody ever mentions this when talking about the 360, which has sold at virtually the same rate as the ps3 in '09 with consoles starting at half the price. The myth of slow ps3 sales yet again.

Overall the article makes a fair point, it just falls into the same media trap regarding the ps3.

gauntletpython3787d ago

I think ultimately it's because the PS3 has been down year over year while the 360 has been up, and even challenging the Wii's number one spot(which has been down even more than the PS3).

I guess that no one counts the Wii's terrible performance though because it's still number 1?

gunnerforlife3787d ago

another 3 years and will ave a propa PS3 slim till the this is just the playstation 3

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