Is Blizzard Brewing Up The Perfect Storm

DualShockers writes,

With all of the World of Warcraft announcements of late, it would seem that Blizzard is really giving a lot of options to the player. Now, in addition to realm transfers, character re-customization, and name changes, you can also change faction and race. The question is, is this being done for the players own good, or is Blizzard playing off human nature.

Although each of these services seem great, each come with a rather exorbitant fee attached, most likely to keep players from constantly changing there name, look, realm, faction or race. Also, where there used to be a three month period between transfers, there is now only a three day restriction. Some people may see this as a wonderful idea, since an expansion is in the works and no one wants to have to level a Worgen or Goblin to 80, so now, they can just change their race, most likely a few months after expansion, and BAM.

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evrfighter3788d ago

a perfect storm from blizzard would be them creating a new IP....

taz80803788d ago

Blizzard is a genius at making things to get peoples money

Tomarcus3788d ago

They have continued to take my money for almost 5 years.

taz80803788d ago

you and many others, not to mention expansions, race changes, realm changes, ebay items, gold, etc.

Grandreaper99993788d ago

Maybe they're slowly giving people options that will help them detach themselves from the game long enough to go out and purchase/play SC2! Then D3!. Lol. I'm sure playing blizzard-only games could probably be one person's entire gaming life.

iiprotocolii3788d ago

Blizzard is intelligent in just about every sense you can imagine with regards to business and marketing. Although SC2 and D3 are around the corner, I'm sure that people won't be leaving WoW to join those games. They'll just pick them up, beat them, and go back to WoW as usual (depending on the replay value of those games. They have cults that are ridiculous). Although I have a gut feeling that Blizzard will announce another MMO as WoW approaches its end, I think.

evrfighter3788d ago

"Although I have a gut feeling that Blizzard will announce another MMO as WoW approaches its end, I think."

Diablo or Starcraft MMO Go!


Realms of Diablo or Starcraft Universe...OR just to get the shadiness out of the way and get straight to the milkin they would be World of Starcraft and World of Diablo.

Tomarcus3788d ago

That is very true haha.