Gran Turismo 5 Releasing September 25th UK (Rumor)

PSBeyond has just been informed from an extremely reliable source that the highly anticipated racer for PlayStation 3, Gran Turismo 5, is being released this month...that's right, September 25th in actual fact in the UK. Word comes from a Sony official direct, and the news will certainly please many fans who have waited an exceptionally long time to see Polyphony Digitals next installment on store shelves.

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FlipMode3356d ago

Stop messing with me man.

FlatulentGhost3356d ago

“I really understand that lots of people are interested in GT5, and we will do everything we can so that the game is released quickly. But we are focusing our priorities and Gran Turismo will come out on the PSP the 1st of october first. The only thing I want to tell you today, is that GT5 will be released shortly after this date.“

I can't imagine GT 5 is coming out anywhere before Oct. 1st 2009.

cranium3356d ago

I doubt they'd give us less than a month's notice though. Late November/early December seems most likely for a 2009 release date.

karan86243356d ago

Thats not even a month from now. A game this good, that has such high production values, and they launch it with little hype and notice?


sniper-squeak3356d ago

They'l probz release the date a few weeks after the release of GT for the PSP...

Polyphony Digital3356d ago


Can't Say Much...Get READY

3356d ago
umair_s513356d ago

These guys seem very confident, it would be huge blow to Forza if this is true. But as of now this is bogus

Narutone663356d ago

during the TGS? I bet it's the day they announced the release date of GT5.

soljah3356d ago

the only reason i can think that this could be true

1 gt series and racing games are huge in europe
2 Sony wants to directly attack ms and forza buy pushing up the gt launch
3 the release of the ps3 slim in europe is a huge success Sony wants to keep the sales momentum right thru xmas.

but then again going by sony's track record they never seem to directly respond to their competition with any of their products. they tend to stick to their own business model.

sunil3356d ago

GT5 has to come out before God of War (I & II). Why would Sony want competition with both these releasing during the same month?

UC2 October, god of war December... I would assume mid Nov release?

JL3356d ago

It's already been said, like someone pointed out above, that GT5 will come out shortly after GT PSP. So I seriously doubt it's coming this month. Especially since that affords it no hype time and whatnot. I really think that November or early December period is seemingly the best time for the game.

Also something here, I think this story might be a misunderstanding. Considering that date coincides with TGS (like they mentioned) I think maybe they just misunderstood. Maybe whoever this site talked to said that the release date would be revealed on that date. Not that the release date would be revealed as being that date. SO I think September 25th we'll hear the announcement for the official date.

rockleex3356d ago

Maybe the guy was talking about an ANNOUNCEMENT of the release date on September 25th.

gamerdude113355d ago

The only thing that will happen on Sept. 25th is PSbeyond will lose all remaining credibility. Good scoop guys.

harrisk9543355d ago

Isn't the Tokyo Game Show starting on September 24? The day before this rumor says that GT5 is being released? Sorta interesting timing if it is true (but, it's not... I anticipate an early December release).

Alvadr3355d ago

Yeah because secretly releasing a game is a great way to boost sales.

deadreckoning6663355d ago

All this over a driving sim?? Whatevs, hope u get it soon.

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stevenhiggster3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

I really want to though :-(

There's no way this is true, sadly.

Mr Bean Laden3356d ago

looks like the the definitive racing game and driving simulator will be hitting store shelves on September 25th in the UK, I better start saving up for the US release date

3356d ago
54percent3356d ago

It's just a flesh wound

soxfan20053356d ago

You're not too bright if you really believe that date.

Man_of_the_year3355d ago

They are PS3 fanboys, ofcourse they believe that advertising, no promoting, no confirmation, no TV commercials for a game that comes out in 22 days from today....just RUMOUR. And look at the Droids jumping up and down...LOL they are so desperate its so funny.

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jay23356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Rubbish....................... . I'd say but thay guy did say that 'We could release GT 5 tomorrow' for god knows how long.

FlipMode3356d ago

Maybe, I mean we already know the PD increased staff count by alot, probably to get it out fast.

xc7x3356d ago

sorry i'm still in "stunned mode"

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