Ten video game characters you wouldn't want to meet down a dark alley

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We've all been there: wrong side of town, wrong time of night. You take one wrong turn and you find yourself in a dark, dank alley that smells a bit like feet and offal. More often than not, we just turn around and walk out, being sensible and whatnot. But sometimes what confronts us down that alley is so horrifying, that we're rooted to the spot, unable to shake free from the grip the horror has on us. Or maybe that's just me. Either way, these are ten videogame characters you definitely would not want to meet down any sort of alley, dark or light.

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clixx333790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Where's Sephiroth?! *shudders*

SnuggleBandit3790d ago

Kratos...he kills everything in sight. That includes innocent civilians (for health haha)

Chewy1023790d ago

The scissorman from Clock Tower. That is the only game that gave me a scare so bad that I quit and never picked up again. I still will not play that game.

Wiinsight3790d ago

Hey! If you're wandering down a dark alley at night, you're probably lost. Tingle and his maps are your last chance at escape!

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foxtheory3790d ago

Yes. Tingle. Definitely.

That would scare more than the crap out of me....

Panthers3790d ago

Aside from Tingle, I would be most scared of Nemesis. He was the scariest game character in my opinion. Not the freakiest, but the scariest.

kaz-hirai3790d ago

Characters!? I dont think so more like this person here...

;-D !!!!!!!!!!!

Grandreaper99993790d ago

I say Jackie Estacado should be #1 there. I'm surprised he didn't even make the list. It wasn't specific if it was for only villains.

If anyone played through the Darkness or follow the comics I think they would agree.

"In a dark alley with Jackie" translates to "You're already dead, and the eels are munching on your flesh/fighting over who gets to eat your heart."

Chewy1023790d ago

The Darkness in him is pure evil but jackie is a good guy at heart and he has no reason to kill you. I haven't read the comics but in the game the Darkness doesn't care about random people. It tells you that every time you try to bring it out in the subway. All the Darkness cares about is
1 the dark
2 consuming the evil in the hearts of men to grow stronger
3 staying alive

Yes Jackie is a mob hitman but he needs a reason to kill someone. So unless you pee on his shoe or something I don't see him as a threat.

Grandreaper99993790d ago

I was thinking about him based on his powers mostly.

Chewy1023790d ago

Yeah the Darkness will kill you, eat your soul, and s*** it on your dead body after it's done with it. But Jackie is in control of the Darkness for the most part. Kinda like Spawn, a good man with evil powers from hell.

In the end it's the man and not the powers.

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The story is too old to be commented.