The Pros and Cons of Porting Xbox 360 Games to PS3

Development between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 is very different according to developers. However, there will always be some pros and cons when it comes to multiplatform games on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Baxy-Z has taken a look at some of them and have compared games which have content missing because of limitations of one console, and games which have had additional content added to a version of the game.

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Mr Bean Laden3786d ago

Cons, they get limited by the DVD9 and steaming pile of sh!t known as the flopbox

Pros, the PS3 gets the HD version

3786d ago
Mr Bean Laden3786d ago

thank you for your flopbox gimping all multiplat games this gen!!! nice job!!! only possible because of the flopbox!!!

Parapraxis3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Pro: PS3 owners get to play the games

Con: A lot of devs will add extra content, however pushing the graphics and gameplay in the ports is usually ignored as to create a false perception of parity.

There are very few examples of this parity being ignored, most notably the more polished and higher resolution versions of Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Tales of Vesperia.

@ the author, Good article, well written and sensible. Thanks. =)

ThanatosDMC3786d ago

Major Con: It shows how inferior it looks compared to First Party titles.

FamilyGuy3786d ago

But I'd be pissed as hell if FFXIII came out a month later just because it included Japanese voice overs.

Godmars2903786d ago

That only happens with RPGs. JRPGs to be precise.

Ninja Gaiden is a more a case of in-fighting. The same guy did work on both ports, something Itagaki didn't even want to touch.

badz1493786d ago

this article is only about ToV?? I thought it is about porting from 360 to PS3 in general which is a common practice since the beginning of this gen! porting form 360 to PS3 is not always an easy task considering both system is not identically built where on the 360, more devs are focusing to put loads/calculation on the GPU while the PS3 having a more powerful CPU, cannot perform GPU-intensive calculation like the 360! although focusing the calculations on the SPUs to support the RSX can produce great results like most 1st party PS3 exclusives, multiplats can't do the same because of the difference in codings! so, most dev will have to find a way to optimize the RSX but there is only so much the RSX can do without the aid of the more powerful CELL BE. the results, almost always multiplats looking better on 360 but nowadays, devs are getting there to make games look pretty much identical which is a good news for all gamers.

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chaosatom3786d ago

* Full voice acting
* New playable character (Patty Fleur)
* Flynn as a fully customizable, playable character
* New mini-games (Racing mini-game for Repede)
* New cutscenes
* New subplots
* New main game quests
* New sidequests
* New towns
* New dungeons
* New bosses (including the Sword Dancer)
* New Artes
* New Skills
* New Equipment
* New Skits

If developers start doing this more often for PS3 owners, then they won't have anything to complain.

It's the fact that developers try to make everything equal eventhough PS3 blu-ray discs have lots of space that pisses people off.

Parapraxis3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Agreed, I really don't mind getting a game 1/2 a year or a year later if there have been some improvements. (with Sony's 1st and 2nd party offerings most of my gaming hours are already used, not to mention my back-log)

In some cases you see multi-console owners considering buying the game a second time (that is astounding). Other people complain that they were "screwed", but fail to recall having the game much earlier.

A lot of it comes down to business. Often PS3 owners will feel shunned by not receiving games which will most likely go multiplat, and if they don't decide to grab them on PC (which is often an option) they wait patiently. The devs in a way need to add incentive to prospective PS3 buyers. So adding features and upgrades isn't just a luxury in many cases due to them having more time to work on and port the game, it is a necessity and smart business.

I'm still wondering what upgrades Star Ocean The Last Hope will receive if the very likely port happens.

ThanatosDMC3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I agree. DMC4 could have been so much more...

1. Nero doesnt exist
2. Bloody Palace becomes like Heavenly Sword where enemies are everywhere with Dante in the middle. Bosses just jump in and attack you.
3. Why the F--- does Nero have Yamato?! "Blood of Sparda"?! I hate HIM!

Bloody Palace idea:

I dont want hack and slash but just good ol' Devil May Cry difficult enemies with all types of demons and devils vs Dante. Co-op with Vergil?

FamilyGuy3786d ago

If they released Star Ocean 4 on the PS3 with that kinda treatment I'd be a happy gamer. I hope Vespera hits the U.S. on PS3.

Godmars2903786d ago

If not just a few new dungeons and monsters, a ship combat mini game.

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