More screens unearthed for retro PSN games

Sony Online Entertainment sure loves the PLAYSTATION Network. With 300,000 downloads under their belt, of course they'd be happy. In addition to revealing High Stakes today, SOE has released some new screenshots of two of their upcoming Network titles. Two classic titles, Championship Spirit and Rampage World Tour, will run in glorious HD.

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dork07834268d ago

they still have a loooong way to go

Premonition4268d ago

I believe its more then 300,000, cause didnt GTHD have around 400,000 alone?

warfed4268d ago

yeah... last time i heard they had over 300,000 registered users...

BIadestarX4268d ago

300,000 downloads.... is that a retro game? Which one? For a second I though they were talking about 300,000 download total (all games, etc).