Where the F#%K Are They? The Missing Games YOU Want to See

The BBPS continues its look back at the many missing, canceled, and announced games that gamers want to play.

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Delta3785d ago

But I already see too many to name. I would however like to see Dark Cloud 3 & Rogue Galaxy 2 & Legend of Dragoon 2. But later..... :)

HeadShot3785d ago

I want a Dark Cloud 3 too! But I would like another Killer Instinct more.

AKNAA3785d ago

whoa dude, Calm down....
but yeah, I wanna see Killer instinct 3!

Mr Bean Laden3785d ago

speaking of things that are missing, has anyone seen my Halo WaRs stats??? :P :P :P

Cajun Chicken3785d ago

Oh man, I so want a Powerstone 3. A new Crimson Skies would be welcome too but Dark Void looks to sorta fill that...uh...void.

PandemicPrawn03785d ago

I really want another Crimson Skies!

PD2 would be great as well MS need all the exclusive IP's they can muster.

Rare has a lot of franchises that are MIA, Conker, Perfect Dark, Killer Instinct, Jet Force Gemini.

Where the hell are these games?

FiftyFourPointTwo3785d ago

Megaman Legends 3, Onimusha 5 and Monster Hunter PS3 please.. :|

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The story is too old to be commented.