PGR4: Rain Trailer in HD

Here is the "The Rain in...St. Petersberg" Trailer for PGR4, in HD. SD video embedded.

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Extra Guy4483d ago

repeat but thanks for the HD footage instead

techie4483d ago

The other footage wasnt very clear...and I got some screens for you :)

SmokeyMcBear4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

yeah i take my comment back on the other thread about the rain, you can see the rain.. you can see the beads of water on the car, but no interaction between the rain and the car. Also the mist kicked up by the cars on the wet track is lacking. But it does have some nice visuals.

Edit.. haha i guess people disagree because they don't think it has nice visuals.. well to each their own.

power of Green 4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

Holly crap!.
This game is hot! i take that back what i said earlier about the graphics and gameplay it was late and i had little sleep and i had Forza 2 built up unrealalisticly in my head.

After playing it some more the graphics are off the hook!(no jaggies, and the sun glare isnt over done like some say, looks great on my Tv anyway).

The sense of speed is amazing(love the Pagani) its so smooth and breath taking at high speeds.

The crowds are stellar(stop and look at them on a HDTV) Fucin great game all the GTHD hype of the replays have people expecting unrealalistic milestones and have some impossible expectaions built up.

After you get use to the fact that you have to apply Gas and braking using the anologe triggers(dont bold the trigger as if an acade racer) its fun as hell and challanging(for people that dont have the FFB wheel).

Game looks unbelievable after you get used to the vibrant more true to real life art style even i was like what is this!? when i first DDL the demo untill went to pick up some beer on this sunny day in Seattle and said dam Turn 10 did a hell of a job as i'm looking at the nice green tree's/grass/hills and colorful paint jobs on car etc.

Don't let Sony fanboys tell you anything about this game untill you give some time on your HDTV and 360.

Deep Brown you're so FULLOFSHIT its not even entertaining anymore, if you can find any GTHD gameplay threads on this site were Sony fanboys have ever used to compare to any 360 game i'll be more than happy to edit my post. Everybody uses the GTHD replays for their agenda.

ALLGAMER WTF are you ass hurt about skip my post fool! Blah Blah Blah I hurt your feeling, im a 360 fanboy, STFU will ya.

techie4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

People hyping GTHD are not talking about replays...they are talking about gameplay visuals. DOn't say people who are unimpressed Sony fanboys. I have no idea if it looks any good, but general opinion from non-fanboys appears to be amazing pleaseure in physics and sound, but let down in graphics.

POG: No I can't find a ps3 fanboy who has said that. But I could find you many devs and 360 owners and unbias people who say the exact same thing. Plus 1up, reviewers...take your pick. If you want the quotes I'd be happy to find them my dear. PGR4 looks incredible. Forza2 plays amazing.

"Gameplay is very well done and a good recreation of the feel of driving. Graphics are very underwhelming, I was anything but impressed by the visual presentation. Bland and blank backgrounds, poor road side character, very poor building detail, lighting doesnt stand out as anything impressive and car builds arent overly impressive either (jagged and lacking refinement) definetely not the visuals I would have expected out of the series."

SmokeyMcBear4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

haha green with envy had enough time to get off of bill nuts to make this post. Hypeing the game as much as possible, its cool man, play your little forza demo with the scratches and "authentic" sounds. Just do it somewhere else, this isnt even a forza thread.


Its gold deep.. release is may 29th.. im not sure how much more you can do in 3 weeks.

techie4483d ago

And really I want to say SO FAR. Because it's just an unfinished, unpolished demo for Forza2...and a small I expect it to look a lot better on release.

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The story is too old to be commented.