Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2010: Roger's Picks

Roger at GamingVice writes:

"Time for another Broke Gamer collaboration! This time each of the head writers will be looking at 2010, a year that, due to the massive amount of delays, has become one of the strongest looking years in the history of video game media. That said, what games are we most looking forward to come next year? Are our picks pretty much what you'd expect? Our choices may surprise you.

Honestly, this past week has been host to a bombshell of new game announcements and so on top of the already amazing lineup of games coming in 2010, choosing my top five most anticipated picks has gotten a little harder. So, without further adieu, let's jump in..."

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SoapShoes3794d ago

But I guess it's his opinion...

CobraKai3794d ago

Yeah it totally is. He should have put "MY" top 5 instead of just Top5. The only game I want on there is FF and even that is waning to the point of not caring.

Axis3794d ago

You must have missed the title.

It's called "Roger's Picks" for a reason.

ikiru33853794d ago

Meh....not a bad list. Here are MY picks:

1. Mass Effect 2
2. God of War 3
3. Agent
4. The Last Guardian

You Already Know3794d ago

Last Guardian is most likely 2011...

it'll be expected 4Q 2010, and then around late summer...."2Q 2011"...

even then, the 2010 gaming lineup is already going to packed as is..

SpoonyRedMage3794d ago

I actually like that list. It's not what I'd pick but all the games listed are going to great(well hopefully).

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Trevorthenerd3793d ago

1. Super mario galaxy 2
2. Metroid other M
3. No more Heroes 2
4. Silent hill shattered memories
5. The grinder