Forza 2 goes GOLD

Microsoft Game Studios today announced that "Forza Motorsport® 2" has gone gold. In addition, a brand-new playable demo of the game's campaign mode is now available on Xbox LIVE®.

Speeding onto store shelves across the nation on May 29, "Forza Motorsport 2" is set to raise the bar for next-generation racing simulator games.

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SmokeyMcBear4269d ago

so its officially gold.. does this mean that the demo is pretty much the game you will be receiving when the game is released, i mean as far as gameplay and graphics?

JPomper4269d ago

Don't expect much, if anything to change.

power of Green 4268d ago

This game is hot! i take that back what i said earlier about the graphics and gameplay it was late and little sleep and i had this game built up unrealalisticly in my head. After playing it some more the graphics are off the hook!(no jaggies, and the sun glare isnt over done like some say, looks great on my Tv anyway).

The sense of speed is amazing(love the Pagani) its so smooth and breath taking at high speeds.

The crowds are stellar(stop and look at them on a HDTV) Fucin great game all the GTHD hype of the replays have people expecting unrealalistic milestones and have some impossible expectaions built up.

After you get use to the fact that you have to apply Gas and braking using the anologe triggers(dont bold the trigger as if an acade racer) its fun as hell and challanging(for people that dont have the FFB wheel).

Game looks unbelievable after you get used to the vibrant more true to real life art style even i was like what is this!? when i first DDL the demo untill went to pick up some beer on this sunny day in Seattle and said dam Turn 10 did a hell of a job as i'm looking at the nice green tree's/grass/hills and colorful paint jobs on car etc.

Don't let Sony fanboys tell you anything about this game untill you give some time on your HDTV and 360.

PS360PCROCKS4268d ago

yeah my mind is starting to change as well! Although I am having a lil too much fun driving backwards causing havok! lol

Marriot VP4268d ago

xbox360rocks, hahaha I've been crashing the other cars all day. Can't get enough of it, can't wait to do that to my friends.

P4KY B4268d ago

Has anyone managed to get the TVR sagaris to go in a straight line yet?

NextGen24Gamer4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

I love it. On my 1080p tv it looks outstanding. The mountains in the background...The clouds and lighting is superb.... The feel of the game is just right as well. In my opinion it looks better than PGR. Though PGR looks great as well. What amazes me is the feel of the game. I am already used to the wireless wheel. Many hours upon hours using it with PGR and Need for Speed Carbon.

With all that said I do realize its just a demo and the final release will offer much much more than this sample. But this sample has got me more hyped about the game when it releases in a few weeks.

Also, in my opinion it looks but most importantly plays better than the GT demo on my ps3. I could care less who agrees or disagree's with me. Its my opinion from playing both games on the same tv. Both hooked up via hdmi. I honestly can't see how anyone could think the gta demo looks better or plays as good as this demo...Forza 2. Oh well....everyone has their own opinions....

zerosignalxst4268d ago

Ok, you know how the XBox Live Gold membership allows you to download demos as soon as they come out but the Silver memberships have to wait a week before they can get it...??? Forza 2 was available to Gold & Silver at the same time.... here in Canada, anyway.

I'd been hyped up all week about getting the demo and only on the day before it came out did I realize that I'd have to wait another week to get it (since I have a Silver account). That's when I made the discovery that MS may be changing the way it reales demos now? Maybe, I dunno.

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