New GTA: Chinatown Wars PSP Screens

Nine new screenshots are floating around different websites right now for GTA: Chinatown Wars. Take a look at the improved graphics and lighting.

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topgeareasy3695d ago

stay exclusive instead GTA San Andreas stories on the PSP would be better

AstroZombie13695d ago

GTA: SA Stories would be far more welcome tbh.

umair_s513695d ago

I think its good that they stuck with the top down perspective. This game is designed for gaming on the go. We already have 2 GTA's with 3rd person camera, so this is a welcomed change. Hopefully next GTA would be 3rd person again

red2tango3695d ago

Thank you for bringing this to the better handheld system.

GuruStarr783695d ago

I've been playing the Ds version alot lately.........this obviously looks alot better......however, I just don't see how they can make it as fun without the touch screen controls........?

For instance, jacking cars and hotwiring them (guess you could use the analog stick)

Or, performing cpr on that guy you need to bring to zhou (guess you could use a face button)

Just doesn't seem as fun, but Rockstar has rarely let us down, especially when it comes to GTA anything.

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