Valve: "We've thrown out entire games"

TVGB: "While talking to our PAX-goers about how Valve always seems to keep themselves ahead of the curve when it comes to breaking new ground with first-person shooters, Valve's Chet Faliszek said that "developers and designers all make mistakes internally" and that Valve itself is no exception. But where they and most other developers differ is their approach."

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Pandamobile3785d ago

Well, that's kind of a given. So much iteration and discussion goes on early into development. I'm not surprised that games are scrapped.

I kind of wonder what the scrapped titles would have been.

mrv3213785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

L4D 1 expansion set in New Orleans and the south united states with new infected and maps and weapons including Melee weapons.

Raz3785d ago

"You snooze - you lose."

Valve is fast asleep, and falling further behind more prolific developers. Soon nobody except die-hard Half-Life fans are going to care what they put out. And putting all their eggs in the 360 basket is going to be what finally finishes them.

Pandamobile3785d ago

Because the PC platform obviously doesn't exist.

badz1493785d ago

they made HL and CS which is very popular but nowadays, there are tons of games that I can think about that are way better than those 2 games already but yet Valve stays with their outdated source engine even for their latest upcoming L4D2! so...what is so great again about a dev team which is too lazy to come out with a new engine after so long and continue to milk their outdated engine for decent games such as L4D? it's already 2009 for god sake! wake up and stop living in the past, valve!

GWAVE3784d ago

People need to take off the "I'm totally in love with Valve" goggles and honestly look at the company. Yeah, they made Half Life. Whoop-dee doo. They're also pumping out games on a very outdated graphics engine, they're overcharging for their content, they're slow developers, and they rely far too heavily on fan-generated mods.

Instead of worshiping Valve, compare them to other current developers such as Turn 10, Naughty Dog, and dozens of others that put Valve to shame.

PainisCupcake3784d ago

'they're overcharging for their content' Free is overcharging?

Raz3784d ago

Panda, I assure you - the PC platform does NOT exist. At least insofar as these discussions go.

I really can't imagine what you're playing on it that would constitute next-gen gaming.

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Nelson M3785d ago

I've Thrown out entire Valve games

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3785d ago

...into Gabe Newell mouth!!!" ;-D

11 360s and counting3784d ago

Counter strike is the most boring piece of sh!t I've ever played. Seriously PC gamers can have that crap. The fact that people still play it does not mean it's a great game, it means these people are extremely boring and have incredibly dull tastes.

corywebb933785d ago

You did nelson you where mad you got the inferior version off orangebox

mrv3213785d ago

Your accusing him of being a fanboy or PS3 only owner, now for the game to be inferior it must be compared to such, now if he's a PS3 only owne rhe cannot compare it to the 360 or FAAARR superiror PC version so he must compare it to the superior PS3 games

Such as

Killzone 2
MLB 09
Resistance 2
Motorstorm 2
Resistance fall of man

You have thus failed.

solar3785d ago

<3 lists. who doesnt love lists? especially when they include ps3 exclusives.


3785d ago
evrfighter3785d ago

your list does not contain Valve games thus list = fail

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Mr Bean Laden3785d ago

Valve games are very good dog chew toys, the same with Bungie and Activison games

Pandamobile3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

More PS3 fanboys bring on the Valve hate. Way to go guys. Keep knocking one of the revolutionaries of FPS gaming.

And Gabe is awesome. What other industry leading game developer CEO would respond to emails like this:

Raf1k13785d ago

I like Valve and what they've done for the FPS genre but calling Valve one of the fathers of FPS gaming is a little OTT don't you think?

I'd have thought id would be the only father of FPS games.

Pandamobile3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Half-Life revolutionized the way narrative FPS games were made. Same with CouterStrike and multiplayer.

Raf1k13785d ago

True but as id pretty much created the FPS genre (I know there were FPS games before Wolfenstein) I'd have id as the father.

To me, Valve shaped the FPS genre to what it is today so I'd give them a different title but I can't think of what that might be.

solar3785d ago

without Valve Software FPS's for any platform wouldnt be where they are today. but lets hate them because they said bad things about the ps3. /rolleyes.

pan never said that Valve was the "fathers" of FPS games. he said they revolutionized them. which Valve has. see HL1 for story telling, see HL2 for physics.

likedamaster3785d ago

Actually, Half Life 2 is the best FPS I've ever played.

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Only game I would really argue against is its first released state it was less than half a game