Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: New Details

Toshiyuki Itahana -- the Crystal Chronicles director -- showed off the game's progress in an extensive trailer formed by tons of in-game footage. In this trailer, which IGN were asked not to videotape or photograph by Square Enix personnel, they could observe that the game only bears a little resemblance to the GameCube original. The DS game features a solid 3D engine that doesn't appear quite as nice as what's been used in Final Fantasy III or Chocobo Tales on the system -- similar chibi art style but the texture work was a little more low resolution and the framerate had some trouble staying in the "smooth" range during more intense fights. The gameplay -- at least what was shown, anyway -- appears to put the camera in a 3/4 isometric perspective instead of the GameCube's angled top-down view. Of course, the camera broke away from this locked view during specific moments, like boss battles or character-based cutscenes.

More details and new screens available.

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