37 000 PS3 slim sold in France in the first week

Google traslator 'The PS3 Slim, as it should be called even if Sony refuses to use that name, passed its oral big last week, arriving on 1 September, officially and simultaneously in Japan, the United States and Europe. And the success has been the appointment. Sales of the console have indeed been increased by nearly ten days spent in France, with 37,000 copies sold of which 12,000 in the last weekend, according to information collected by this Monday It ranks as "far ahead of other consoles," says one Sony France'

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corywebb935012d ago

thats almost as much ps3s sony sells in 2 months

lokiroo4205012d ago

Much like your 360, your jokes need to be sent in for repair.

NegativeCreep4275012d ago

You can't even begin to comprehend the Playstation 3's rise in the gaming console market.

Fanboys never apply, so you can just go f*ck your mattress and leave everyone else alone with their logical assumptions!!!

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Milky5012d ago (Edited 5012d ago )

So 1 week of sales from UK + France alone = 77,000


leila015012d ago (Edited 5012d ago )

Damn you Time Lord, I wanted to post that pick. LMAO

Yeah Sony owns France.

I'll post this one instead ;)

chaosatom5012d ago (Edited 5012d ago )

here is what will happen.

Jamaicangmr5012d ago

This gif is the one of the funiest ones i've seen. Sh!t i wish i could give you 2 bubbles. Got my teared up laughing.

Hercules5012d ago

ROFL!!! sony is a smooth crimnal

ultimolu5012d ago

Holy crap, Sony's taking names and kicking bootie. :0

QSPR5012d ago

damn you sony, now I need to talk with greenturd.... we need to dump the xbox 360 and make a new console with: blu-ray,bluetooth,wireless,and a hard drive.................. oh wait that's the PS3.. dammmmmm we lost this... sniff sniff..j/k guys..

this is grate,that's mean in 4 weeks sony can sell 2 millions units.. so the gap.. you know the rest ;)

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Nelson M5012d ago (Edited 5012d ago )

Le Poo Poo

Sunny_D5012d ago

Bonjouir, OMG LOL . OWNED! That's a real joke Cory.

thedisagreefairy5012d ago

but are these numbers good?

i dont think ive ever seen the monthly charts for france or britain for that matter to know what the average is for these countries.

leila015012d ago

Well it went from 3k/week to 37k in 6 days, so I'd say yes, the numbers are "Gud".

SuperM5012d ago

Well there is a significant difference between monthly charts and weekly charts. With these kinds of numbers each week they would sell more PS3s in france then they did in the entire US the last couple of months. So its safe to say that when a single european country outsells the entire US then the sales are good.

The Wood5012d ago

remember sarcasm

Time Lord

lol @ pic