Robert Bowling says there are no timed exclusive maps for 360 version of Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Wards Robert Bowling posts on his twitter concerning the supposedly exclusive maps for the 360 version of Modern Warfare 2, and how the maps will be released at the same time.


T maps are still a timed exclusive but are still going to be hitting the PS3 non-the-less. I am extremely sorry about the misunderstanding.

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Mr Bean Laden3794d ago

so what they said at E3 never happened, right Robert Bowling?

they're just on damage control

wxer3794d ago

i think the sales numbers did some magic

peeps3794d ago

if you took the fanboy goggles off... oh never mind you still wouldn't understand that this is ppl interperating something how they wanna interperate it

Sunny_D3794d ago

Most likely the price drop made Kotick stop the timed exclusive deal and shut him up and make everyone enjoy it equally.

MainEv3nt 693794d ago

no thats not what he said he said there not exclusive to 360

MAR-TYR-DOM3794d ago

there ARE timed exclusive maps coming for the xbl, it was confirmed by numerous people.


There will be, in some shape or form, timed or otherwise exclusive content for the 360 whether we like it or not. M$ find it crucial to spend millions on getting so called "exclusive" content that comes out a few months later on the PS3 or PC anyway instead of propping up their ailing 1st party studios.

sonarus3794d ago

Awww common...I thought activision was going to drop support for PS3:( Don't get fooled by new slim PS3 still smells. Do the right thing activision. Give 360 those timed exclusive maps...they deserve it

jmare3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

How far will this go? People misinterpreting other people's misunderdstandings.

peeps3794d ago

indeed. i saw this on twitter the other day and thought yeh we know this. they're not exclusive, just the ps3 won't be getting them at the same time as the 360.

deadreckoning6663794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Hmmm...not what I heard at E3. Maybe this time there treating the PS3 version like it deserves be treated. They know they can't screw the PS3 over now.

sunil3794d ago

accepting this rumor would be a blunder, people might stay away from the PS3 version of the game. Obviously he doesnt want that

PshycoNinja3794d ago

That the maps would first appear on XBL first.

What I got from that was that XBL will get the maps on monday or tuesday and on PSN thursday. You know cause updates only happen on thursdays for PSN.

JokesOnYou3794d ago

Yeah paying for exclusive content is only bad when micro does it...or does it first, yeah whatever jealousy does make people say the craziest things.

In other news MW2 is going to be awesome, sad that Kotick will benefit.



They are talking about map packs even before the game is out, should we really be discussing time exclusivity?

Why don't put this on the disc? Specially if they'll go on with the new price practice...

First we know it wouldn't be separated developments (which made COD4 smooth on both consoles). Second, it was even more noob-friendly keeping bad perks and adding ridiculous dual pistol. Third, it looks WORSE than COD4 and general media don't see much improvements, they even confirm you still can't play custom games ranked (Why? Do I have to like noob frag fast? Why can't I make real hardcore games?)... Now this.

And it has nothing to do with being on the 360 first, it's as bad as the Joker add-on for PS3's Batman. Even through it was free, if they were planning to put the content there already, they should just as well have put it into the disc in BOTH versions. Multiplatforms should be similar in each platform content wise and as good as they can in each platform performance wise.

DLC should be the digital version of expansion packs, a way to give an old game some new life, not a way split content, overprice and suck us dry. This combined with crap-way multiplatform development is making me really not want a game I was firstly hyped for...

It just keeps coming to my head: Why am I still giving money to those f*ers?

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Delta3794d ago

"But, But M$ said so" (go's off and cries) LOL all that BS talk from 360 fanboys for nothing.

peeps3794d ago

he was refering to the maps being exclusive. they are still timed exclusive however. he was responding to people getting worried that the ps3 version would never see the maps. just a misinterpretation

Lucreto3794d ago

LOL the site misinterpret the twitter post.

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The story is too old to be commented.