This is Capcom's Monter Hunter surprise

Capcom has revealed the mystery behind the "monster" announcement that the company was teasing last week.

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PinkUni3796d ago

thats exactly what i said in my mind after reading the quote

shocky163796d ago

I'm sure if MH3 was on the PS3 you'd be like

"oh my god! this is the best suprise since sliced bread!"

HolyOrangeCows3796d ago


Us Playstation fans have been wanting a Monster Hunter on PS3 for 3 years.

GameGambits3796d ago

Too bad I live in the USA, because I'd totally get the ball rolling on a Crossbow that shoots flaming chainsaws.


BX813795d ago

@Shocky16, true that. it's only because she's a concubine.

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ChickeyCantor3796d ago

I would send in "Chicago typewriter" and get over with it.

sabestar3796d ago

Haha, WHo really thought it was going to be a big announcement? I wished it was a ps3 monster hunter, but I knew they wouldn't announce something like that. MH3 came out recently in Japan, so doesn't make sense to announce a new one now

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ZombieAutopsy3796d ago

i was hoping for a true next gen Monster Hunter.

Trevorthenerd3796d ago

If you want to play monster hunter 3 buy a wii :D

ZombieAutopsy3796d ago

I wouldnt buy a gaming system for 1 game you might but its not worth it to me.

Shnazzyone3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

then buy it for the library of numerous core titles that exist right now that certain people continue to pretend don't exist.. Oh wait... you live in fantasy town. I forgot.

Didn't many buy a ps3 for nothing but MGS4 once upon an time. How about those who bought a 360 for Halo 3. That's why some games get the title "system sellers".

ZombieAutopsy3796d ago

uhh this had nothing to do with 360 and ps3 its obvoius your just a joke. As for the library of games none of them appeal to me and thats pretty much what i was saying when i said i wouldnt buy the console for 1 game.

HarukoHex3796d ago

get lost planet 2 then. It felt alot of MH1 (atleast to me it did, and I had over 400 hours on my MH 1 character for ps2)

Ninji3796d ago

He never said he wanted to buy monster hunter 3. He said he wanted a true next-gen monster hunter. Obviously monster hunter 3 isn't going to be a true next-gen monster hunter because it's not even in HD.

ChickeyCantor3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

" @Shnazzyone
uhh this had nothing to do with 360 and ps3 its obvoius your just a joke."

In that persons defense,he is correct. The 360 and PS3 are set as samples, they are used to make his point more clear. He didn't mention both of them to bash them or anything.

The joke's on you.

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