Top 10 Greatest Games ever made: Number 5 to Number 1

GB writes: "So after our first article: Top 10 Greatest Games ever made: Number 10 to Number 6, its time to wrap up this stuff. So without any further delays let me present to you the Top 10 Greatest Games ever made: Number 5 to Number 1."

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Mr Bean Laden3787d ago

why did they put the GTA franchise first? well than in that case the whole Metal Gear franchise should be first

PlayStation X3787d ago

They picked mgs4 over mgs3 =/

Etseix3787d ago

playstation X

dude as much as i love Metal Gear Solid
i need to say is that, indeed, 3 was awsome all MGSs are
but, they all have the pros n cons,
Metal Gear 4 was almost full of epic momments, but, instead of that, the bosses of MGS3 are better (on my opinion) i preffer MGS3 bosses over 4, but, the story on 4, just, .. woa.

psh.. i remember my arm almost falling apart while pressing the button like a million times on the microwave scene, dam! my arm remember that time too!

mrv3213787d ago

I have very little issues regarding that list except GTA, sure it's fun, but man it's nothing compared to games such as Star Control 2. I am not saying GTA's aren't fun, I can't even remember how much time I've spend messing with GTA on my PSP but there's games with better story, greater immersion, better gameplay. Sure most of who'm are either old or sequels they shouldn't be excluded.

You should all download the ur-quan masters it's free and serious fun.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

There is Halo though. LMAO, weak list.


Why is KOTOR even on that list? I'm guessing this list was made by a very young gamer or an Xbox fanboy or ex-pc gamer as Mario is too low, there's no Mario 64 or Mario Galaxy or Mario 3 or whatever, no Zelda. Hell, very few Nintendo games made that list. I would put Shadow of the Colossus or ICO before Halo anyday, same with all the Nintendo games. Hell, I'd put Gears of War before Halo even if it's Killswitch with better graphics.

Reibooi3787d ago

Well this list is kinda odd. I'm glad the list didn't default to Mario being number 1 like every other list of this type seems to do however I really don't think GTA deserves the number 1 spot. Sure the series is pretty good but GTAIV was a massive let down in alot of peoples eyes. I honestly think there are alot of games and franchises out there that are better for the number 1 spot.

stevenhiggster3787d ago

I know it's just your opinion but don't let GTA 4 cloud your judgement, all the GTA3 engined games were amazing imho.

I can't really agree or disagree with the list, like the man said there are so many games that could've been on the list. I would put HL2 higher up though and the GOW games would be number 1 on my list.

DarkMantrid3787d ago

Im surprised LoZ: OoT didnt make the list.. Seems kinda odd

topdawg1223787d ago

Zelda Oot would be my number one hands down. This list automatically fails

Tony P3787d ago

"Why is KOTOR even on that list?"

To say nothing of whether I think it's one of the "greatest games ever made" it is a quality game.

But I think it's obvious there's not much gaming experience at play in the writer's opinions. But at least all the games on the list are good. Even if I don't like some.

ReservoirDog3163787d ago

take off Halo,
add Ocarina of Time,
rearrange the top 3 and then this list would be decent,
not good but decent at least

NineteenSeventyNine3787d ago

I thought this list was refreshing. I mean, when I read the title I already had a list of five games that would probably be on it but I was plesently surprised by some of their choices. Come on, doesn't EVERY best games list have Zelda number one? That just seems boring to me.

In no particular order (possibly best list ever?):

- Halo 3
- MGS1
- Twisted Metal Black
- GTA: San Andreas
- Pokemon Gold (you all were thinking it, too)
- Super Mario World
- Rock Band
- Dark Cloud 2
- Super Smash Bros. Brawl

@ Cookie

Yeah, they're such Xbox fanboys that they put two Sony franchises above any XBox one just to mess with you.

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gameseveryday3787d ago

I guess the article already states that:

"Please do note that its impossible to list each and every game. There will be many games that you may or may not agree with us in this list. So please sit back and enjoy. And yeah, dont forget to list your games in the comments section below."

gameseveryday3787d ago

well i guess it depends on the author.

Go Gaming Giant3787d ago

nice way to finish off the list

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