Microsoft vs Sony: The Race for Second Place – UndergroundHype 25

Quentyn From writes:

We're back after a very long hiatus (we had to take some time off to work on this new site you're looking at) and we're explosive as ever. We come out of the gate swinging with hot topics that is sure to sir some emotion in the gaming atmosphere. Tune in as Quentyn, Adrian, Keem, Terence, and Khalid discuss the following:

* Will a price cut on both sides do anything for both competitors? The cast votes on who is best equipped to take second place.
* Licensed Games: Is Batman the turn in licensed games that we're looking for?
* 3D Gaming: No, G-Force does not count. Sorry, Adrian.
* Does DLC in Final Fantasy make sense? Is DLC as a whole all that it's cracked up to be?
* Twitter support for Blur: What kind of features could we be seeing? Will other developers follow suit?
* Adrian struggles with the meaning of the word "collection": God of War Collection and our thoughts on it.
* A lot more!

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blackboyunltd3785d ago

its good to hear another uh podcast

MmaFanQc3785d ago

who think they are journalists.

blackboyunltd3785d ago

would love to hear what you got to say

simplyRealistic183785d ago

sony isn't looking for 2nd place they are looking for first, that's why they always stress the who 10 year plan , they are looking a it long term, with the wii sells slumping and this only being the ps3 3rd year, 7 year left they can get #1

ogwilson3785d ago

They may be looking for 1st place, but the reality is that they can only get second. If they can't even take second place, how can they expect to take first? Think about that.

OGharryjoysticks3785d ago

I wonder how long they stay like that. I don't think they can sustain that kind of weekly margin, but if they do, by November I'm sure Microsoft would sh.t power bricks.

If the slim continued at this rate by Christmas you would see Elite bundles, that's right - bundles for 199.

DK_Kithuni_713785d ago

Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves
Ratchet & Clank Future : A Crack In Time
Gran Turismo 5
God Of War III

and and and

The PlayStation is where the action is at. People will buy in sooner rather than later.

zootang3785d ago

Nobody wants bundles that break

ogwilson3785d ago

ROFL @ Bundles that break.

Hated Greatness3785d ago

You fanboys just cover your eyes and just post crap huh? Smh! Sony is in last place. Deal with it!

And by deal with it, I don't mean attacking me for telling you the truth.

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