PlayStation 3 Platinum Range Expands

Jem Alexander of the EU Playstation Blog writes: On September 2nd the PlayStation 3 Platinum range received a handful of new titles. These popular games require no introduction and may well be of interest to any recent purchasers of the new PS3 model.

All these games have reached sales of over 400,000 and so to celebrate we are offering consumers a chance to add these unmissable titles to their collection for an unbeatable price – £19.99 / €29.99.


The price that comes after £19.99 should read as 29.99 in Euros, I guess this site didn't recognise the Euro currency symbol with the copy and paste.

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Lucreto5199d ago

Good idea release all of last year good games for all the new users the slim has created.

DrWan5199d ago

I am surprised they are doing this so quick, but they were quick with Uncharted and we have only just gotten it. So dont expect USA to follow suit.


Platinum games are a great deal, especially for all the new ps3 owners we are now seeing we should expect nearly every good PS3 game to hit platinum :)

BulletToothtony5199d ago

Killzone 2 only sold 50,000 copies..

wxer5199d ago

killzone2 sold 2 millions in 6 mouthes

the idea of Platinum is
after the game sales 1 million
and after they get their money back and make some profit
its okay to cut the price

great move

Karum5199d ago

Actually wxer I think the requirement for Platinum is that it sells 500k rather than 1 million, I'm certain I read that somewhere in the past but could be wrong.

FamilyGuy5199d ago

That doesn't sound right, where Naruto:Ultimate Ninja:Storm at then? It's been out for a long time now and I read it was at something like 700K sales. Maybe 1 Million is the real marker.

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Tee7soo5199d ago

i well get MotorStorm Pacific Rift
but i really hate the Platinum cover , cant they use a better looking covers ewwwe .

Karum5199d ago

Pacific Rift is great fun and the 2 expansion packs they have released so far add a ton of sweet extra content. Definitely one of my favourite racing games to relax with.

DK_Kithuni_715199d ago

Do you play the cover? Black or grey? Who the hell cares? The content of the Blu-ray disc is what matters.

KruLLit5199d ago

I hate those covers as well. A sticker should be enough.

sniper-squeak5199d ago

I'm a game collector and it kinda ruins my collection lol, so that's why I stick to first day buy's now.

I did get my first PS3 kinda late (only a month ago) but the platinum covers look like they take less money to produce... maybe that's what add's to the lower price of platinum games?

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Tee7soo5199d ago

ehh , no sir i don't play rwith the cover
but i like the original cover moe , its not something that going
to not make me buy the game , i just hope they change the way it looks .

topdawg1225199d ago

good strategy by sony, many new owners out there that will buy these

wxer5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

a very good move
did you guys knew that even software sales hit the roof

this is a great move by Sony

the kings of the industry

ukilnme5199d ago

I applaud this move so much that I will wait for all PS3 titles to hit bargain bins/rates before I buy them.

FlipMode5199d ago


lol wow that was a dumb comment.

kissmeimgreek5199d ago

wow already with killzone 2? im surprised. all of these new platinum hits are probably because of the new audience from the slim. im erally surprised that the finally added MGS4