Preview: World Exclusive: Beautiful Katamari first gameplay video

As promised, here is the first official gameplay video of Beautiful Katamari captured from the Xbox 360 version of the game. This is the first and only place to see Beautiful Katamari in action.

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Saint Sony4483d ago

Wow, now I know what game to avoid. This is not for me.

Pheneus4483d ago

Why is this game not on Wii? I can't think of a single more appropriate game in style, content or control that would fit better with the Wii and yet they are making a blocky, ugly presentation on the 360 and PS3 and refusing a version for Nintendo. Pick one or the other. Either make a hi-res version for the number consoles, or include the Wii.

PhinneousD4483d ago

this type of visuals was fine for the ps2 but for the ps3/360? this better be a psn/xbla download. this shouldn't be 60 bucks. i guess katamari developers weren't ready for the next generation.

P4KY B4483d ago

But then it might appeal to 4-5 year olds. They need games too.
GOW, GTA and Dead Rising aren't for all age groups.

InMyOpinion4482d ago

I did'nt buy a 360 to play Ps2 games. I love Katamari (no pun intended) but I honestly can't pay for a nextgen game that looks this crappy.