Gamespot: WET Boneyard Level Hands-On

While WET may be full of retro b-movie gun-slinging action, there's more to the games heroine Ruby than simply shooting and slicing everything in sight. In Gamespot's previous hands-on, they've taken a look at Rubi's fighting skills and rage mode as well some light puzzle solving and on-rails sections. The final piece of the WET puzzle is the Boneyard level, which acts as a home for Rubi in the game, and houses a number of challenges to play through.

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DrRobotnik3784d ago

It looks good, but I hope it's not another devil may cry clone. Maybe it will bring something different to the table to intise me into to buying it.

andron3783d ago

But the controls are better, and I love the melee sword attack. It's my kind of game though, I love these kind of shooters...