Sony responds to the sales of the new PS3 SKU

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Earlier today, reports hit the net that the new 120GB PS3 model sold around 500,000 units worldwide last week, according to preliminary sales data. In light of the successful launch of the new PS3 SKU, we contacted Sony to see what they had to say.

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DrRobotnik3794d ago

"Sony, you just sold 500,000 units world wide in just one week! What do you plan to do now....?" "Uh....go to Disneyland?"

LordMarius3794d ago

My brother was part of those Sales, I finally got to see one of those slims, just feels weird how now everyday folk can get one, the premium club is coming to an end.

3794d ago
ChozenWoan3794d ago

OVER 9000!

ok just had to slip that one in there. But to be honest, that is a scary number for just one week.
So 500k per week x 17 weeks left in the year = 8.5 million units.

It's likely the slim wont hold it's sales at that rate for the entire rest of the year, but it does put things into perspective.

simplyRealistic183794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

your an idiot, there is blu-ray players for $100 and the reason being is because sony $600 ps3 was the cheapest blu-ray player, and every time they cut the prices blu-ray player had to do the same, now it's cheaper than the ps3 but the best player is $200+ and the ps3 is one of the best blu-ray players out there

Consoldtobots3794d ago

you don't compare the bluray drive that goes into each PS3 to FULL RETAIL SKUs, the costs are MUCH different. but you knew that right?

Alcon Caper3794d ago

Congrats Sony! That's great news.

Godmars2903794d ago

Well, so long as ten year olds never figure out that that any bluetooth headset can be synced to it, online should be safe.

3794d ago
PS3PCFTW3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

jump OUT*************************** ****************************** * ****************************** *

the hw loss should be nonexistent to very minimal.

HQ software, HQ accessories, and HQ hd movies, boxsets, on bluray are the icing on the cake

cyberwaffles3794d ago

you can't multiply 500k through out the whole year. sales are going to dip drastically at certain points of the year and then increase again during the holidays. i bet sony would love for the sales to be stagnant at 500k a week or whatever, but it just won't happen.

gamesmaster3794d ago

wtf are you talking about, the whole point behind the redesigned slim was to make the ps3 unit cheaper to produce and in doing so turn in profit for each ps3 sold. I dont know what the exact figure is for the unit cost of a ps3 but im willing to bet sony are making a profit on each one now. Hence why there is the huge advertising campaign.

loosing say $50 on a ps3 sold means when they sell 500 000, they loose alot of moolah, So why would sony bother to relaunch the thing with a new look and advertising campaign, to loose more money? come on use your head.

The ps3 has already come into its own as the best bang for buck, its just taken the slim to make blind people realize that.

chaosatom3794d ago

Wow, Sony showed no arrogance. Good for them.

ThanatosDMC3794d ago

Play Resistance 2 online and there are more players starting to have those chirpy whiny voices playing. That's why i find them and shoot them.... yes, my own teammates.

ChozenWoan3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

To quote myself...

"It's likely the slim wont hold it's sales at that rate for the entire rest of the year, but it does put things into perspective."

And do note that I only used from now until the end of 09 for that math lesson. Just imagine what could happen by the end of 2010 even at half that many units per week.



That's not the point, it won't give you any perspective, sure it sold wonders this week, but expecting PS3 to sell even half of that for all weeks this month is already unrealistic, what could we say about full 500k 'till holidays...

Now, I should say I wasn't expecting the reboot to sell that many in a week, it just shows how much people out there was waiting for PS3, so it's possible this momentum lasts a bit more than we were all expecting.

But please don't start a trend with putting unreachable numbers out of nothing, based on this week. If you do so, not only you'll be setting for delusion, but you'll give those 360 fanboys ammo for talking crap about PS3 not outselling 360 LTD by holidays, as if everyone was talking this crap, not just you.

PS3 sold great. It's a peak, it raised that fast and should fall in similar rate. If not, great for Sony. We'll have 500k new potencial friends around to play with. Can't we take it as it is and call it a day? We are not stockholders, the base is already more than enough to justify goog games, don't matter how much Sony will have sold by october, by 2009 ending or in this gen's enging... Let the 360 fanboys fight for the numbers in VGChartz.

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deadreckoning6663794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Ill make it simple:

If Sony LOWERED production costs and kept the price at 400 bucks they woulda made a huge profit.

What Sony did was lower costs AND lower the price. So they basically offset the profit they would have made because they also added a price drop and added 40 more gigs.

So their actually in a WORSE position than before, but what there plan is is to sell at an even faster rate to begin to make profit again. So far, its working to Sony's advantage.

Nergardless3793d ago

and you know everything about the production costs that sony is paying for their console and how many $ they spend for ads , you know it because youu are who , ah i forgot , you are the chairman of sony, ha?

and anyway why does this matter to both of u ??

Sunny_D3794d ago

We are back. Back again again again. We are Back Back Back. Back again

table3794d ago

I'm sick of seeing people type that...

NMC20073794d ago

Where were you exactly? I mean you say you're back, but from where? How was the trip? Got any pics? Stories? Bring back any souvenirs?

shadowfox3794d ago

Final Fantasy 13 + GT5 release in 2009 = Sony finishing first in that banner run.

El Botto3794d ago

PS3 owners: "well, we have only this to say: "SUCK IT, XBOTS!"


TheBlackSmoke3794d ago

At this very moment all around the world, Tortoises are teabagging Hares.

The Killer3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

offffffffffffffff, that strong, very strong!! will there be any one who mocks ps3 sales anymore?? 0.5M in 1 week???? wonder how much it will sell this holiday season!!

PS3: bye bye competition

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competition: yeah i know

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competition: yeah i know

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competition: yeah i........ knooooow :'(

PS3: bots am gonna get you now, no mercy

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Foliage3794d ago

Microsoft's official response: "We have sold 600,000 units this week. 550,000 units were shipped... I mean sold in the 'other' region. We will be making no further comments."