Idiot Gamers... Caught on Tape

Videogames are supposed to be fun, right? That's why we play them. That's why we sink endless hours and countless dollars into them. Because we enjoy playing them, correct?

You certainly wouldn't know it by watching these people. They punch television screens, they hurl keyboards in their friends' faces and they make their mothers cry. They speak in a mixed language of unprintable curse words, juvenile whines and furious grunts. In other words, they act as if they'd rather be doing ANYTHING other than playing a videogame.

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kingofps34232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

These idiots must be Jack Thompson's children. No wonder Tommy is all over violent video games... just look at the hopeless conditions of his children :) lol

warfed4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

LMFAO at the 2nd video i can't belive he threw his monitor

reminds me of that one crazy chick...

SmokeyMcBear4232d ago

truly hilarious... " i said I wanted mountain dew, but now I want chocolate milk" haha i couldnt stop laughing at that one.

Satanas4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

I've to admit that ever since I started playing (back when I was 5 or 6), I would ALWAYS get PO'd. At anything. Still do now.

But I've never BROKEN anything in anger...

Edit: Scratch that. These guys are total idiots, on a different level entirely.

OMG at "fever pitch."

Premonition4232d ago

Fever pitch is crazy lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.