Microsoft doesn't care if you use turbo controllers

"In a podcast with Major Nelson recorded yesterday at PAX 2009, Stephen Toulouse hosted a panel about rules enforcement on Xbox LIVE. During the panel, he explained that Microsoft allows the use of turbo controllers. For those unfamiliar with what a turbo controller is, it is a modded controller that allows users to perform multiple actions by holding a button or pressing it once when normally it would require repeated button presses. For example, in a game such as Call of Duty 4, you can make the slowest firing sniper rifles into rapid fire machine guns."

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Sunny_D3795d ago

Yay! Cheaters can have fun NOW! Wow...

RememberThe3573794d ago

The developer does need to take responsibility for how their game plays. I do think that MS need to take a tougher stand then, "no our problem". But that is kind of what I'd expect from them.

IcyJoker1873794d ago

Rasing standards one day at a time: Microsoft


Bnet3433794d ago

No way for Microsoft to combat this. I don't think they can detect if you're using the controller or not, so it's up to IW to fight this.

blackmagic3794d ago

Actually, the podcast that he links to is really an excellent and informative listen... if you have the time I recommend it.

bjornbear3794d ago

I'd be pulling my hair off knowing cheaters were ruining my online experience, and no one was doing anything about it =/


MS didn't care if you payed to play through laggy P2P connection, why would them care if you are being shat on the face by cheaters?

MS just don't care... I hope and assume Micro also don't care for people pirating their stuff.

Elven63794d ago

You guys do realize Turbo controls have existed for quite some time and still do exist on consoles today right? Not just the Xbox 360 mind you but all consoles.

Winter47th3794d ago

For 50$ a year you better damn well start caring.



But you do realize that people expect something in return to those 50 dollars they give MS yearly for LIVE other than directions to buy things, right?

Would you pay me to enter my game store?

What if I charge you to make multiplayer matches? You and your friends have to bring consoles and games...

Do you mind if I cover you with ads on our way to it?

My point is, people are paying for XBL experience and there is great things in it, but MS should be concerned about balance and fairness on their system.

And don't give this older consoles crap to me. 360 is a closed system. RB and GH can't have wireless peripherals unless they payed MS to use the tech. You can't develop a controller to 360 without MS say so. All they had to do is say no and this alone would help a lot.

For sure, some people just mod their own controllers and MS wouldn't be able to stop them, but at least they could have said they aren't cool with cheaters.

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Mr Bean Laden3795d ago

M$ dosen't care about xbl users that cheat, only shows how it's a waste of 50$

3794d ago
wxer3795d ago

XBL full of n00bs, cheaters, kids and stupid ppl

54percent3794d ago


"PSN full of nothing. "

That's the best you can do? lolololololoolol

TheTruth893794d ago

Nothing > N00bs, cheater and stupid ppl (like you)

n to the b3794d ago

voice chat in Home shut down immediately due to rampant verbal abuse from 'kids and stupid ppl'.

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Jdoki3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

If this is journalism then the gaming industry media is in a sorry state...

This 'journalist' listens to a podcast where a Microsoft guy is asked 'Does MS allow turbo controllers to be used'.

Microsoft guy answers 'Yes. We don't consider it cheating'.

The rest of the article goes on to describe what a turbo controller is!

Where's the follow up? Was it too much to try and contact MS for a statement on WHY they don't consider it cheating and WHY they allow these controllers to be used in a service which they charge gamers for? How about contacting Infinity Ward to see what sort of headaches it causes them having to create patches to deal with this issue

Any idiot can repeat what someone else said, but a journalist should at least try and question why!

RememberThe3573794d ago

This has been going on for years.


Maybe they edited it or we are not looking at the same article, but they do say why MS allow it, which is a lame "some developer maybe even meant it to be used, so it should be up to developer to stop it if they don't want turbo".

Basically: "NOT OUR PROBLEM" (even through they are the ones getting 50 caps yearly per user to play online).

Now, this don't make the article a lot better, since they don't say the source of this... They point Major Nelson as the stating of "turbo is not cheating" and point Toulousa (which as far as I know is a city in France... Toulousa who?) for the "blame the devs".

divideby03794d ago

That is cheating and I dont like it on Live.
I pay Live to take care of stuff like this and MS wont ?

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