New Hope For Modern Warfare 2

DualShockers Writes:

"I've been playing COD 4 like a crack addict lately so I can get my 10th prestige before COD Modern Warfare 2 comes out. Suddenly it all comes back to me. All the things that made me hang up my MP5 a year ago. This article is about the things I "strongly dislike" about COD4 that I don't want to deal in the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2."

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taz80803792d ago

LOL @ "I've been playing COD 4 like a crack addict", I think many people can say the same.

MostUnfurrowed3792d ago

Strange, I've started playing it again too. And HC is also my flavour :P What a small world.

mrv3213792d ago

Do crack addicts play COD 4 differently then? Surely it'd work better if he said COD 4 was like crack. This just leads to confusion.

Lifendz3792d ago

The single player was great, but the multiplayer was amazing. I could literally play the game straight for 12 hours. And the one minute break between matches was really condusive to this because it was the perfect amount of time for bathroom breaks, to grab another drink, or to order a pizza.

I sooooo can't wait for Modern Warfare 2. I'm not kidding: when that game drops that's it for every other game in my collection. And I know they're going to implement some variation on the Mile High Club. I wish COD4 had trophies. Beating that level on Veteran was insane. But hey, this one does and looks to be better than the first.

Let the AAA onslaught of titles begin!

taz80803792d ago

With sequels there is always a high hope to fix certain bugs or aspects of titles. Good read.

Alcon Caper3792d ago

Nice little read. I've never been a victim to spawn camping, but I have been killed multiple times by the same air raid. That's pretty annoying...I hope they fix that. Also, I think it should be more difficult to get a helicopter. All you have to do is wait for the uav to come on then send out the planes, and then you instantly have a 10-15 streak easy. The helicopter should be more dreaded then annoying.

other then that, it's a wonderful game. really looking forward to 2

BROOKLYN N-M-E3792d ago

There are many issues that plagued the original COD4, hope they don't carry over to Modern Warfare 2.

BROOKLYN N-M-E3792d ago

Also high hopes for things to get even worse! lol

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The story is too old to be commented.