The Question We All Ask "Why do we pay for Xbox Live"?

RatedG4Gamer Writes: We all see this question on almost a daily basis. Be it forums, websites or general chat, it is forever being brought up by fellow gamers. Why do we pay for Xbox Live? PlayStation owners get free online play, and the Wii's online service is free too, so why do Xbox owners have to pay? My usual argument is simply that Xbox Live is superior to both the Wii and PS3 online, but after experiencing the PlayStation Network (PSN) to a certain extent, it's made me realise that we pay for something that isn't entirely in a league of its own.

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Dylan is talented3785d ago

only suckers pay for xbox live when they know about psn.

intoxica3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Well I have both and sure PSN is free and yeah PSN has Home at the end of the day Xbox Live is a much better service. Offering features that users want like cross game chat. The ability for up to 8 people to chat in a party and play whatever they want is great. Until the PSN has that I think it will be in second place

Nelson M3785d ago

We Dont !!!!

Anyway The BoTs are a Funny Breed you need to pose that Question to thier Dumb Ass's !!!