AnalogHype Review: Guitar Hero 5

Adrian Pottinger from writes: I'm at the point where I've lost count of all the Guitar Hero games that are roaming the world aimlessly right now. The franchise has been under scrutiny ever since Activision took over. Some gamers have gone to the extent to say Activision is running the franchise to the ground. Why would people say that? Is it that Activision is releasing four console "Hero" games and not to mention the extensive library of downloadable content thats released? OK so Activision may be flooding the music game arena, but that doesn't take away from Guitar Hero 5, right? Read on for the full review."

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blackboyunltd3791d ago

it seems like they push out another gh game every other month

ogwilson3791d ago

yea there are so many these days, it's ridiculous

Hated Greatness3791d ago

...but Guitar Hero needs to take Rock Band's approach and make money off DLC instead of trying to release a new game every few months.