Sony considering free PSP dev kits

Sony is considering offering its PSP development kits for free at some point in the future.

Having already cut the price of its kits by a whopping 80 per cent in recent months, you might think that Sony would be content to sit back and rake in the orders in preparation for its forthcoming Minis service. But it appears it's not finished with luring developers over from the iPhone.

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D4RkNIKON3786d ago

Do it Sony! The PSP scene has been slowly dying down in the past few months, PSP go and these dev kits are just what PSP needs to jump start things.

Christopher3786d ago

As long as they keep the same SQA procedures and requirements in place.

Finalfantasykid3786d ago

I'd get it, and make some epic RPGs for the system :D

LukaX233786d ago

Do it, Sony! I BET that there would be some amazing, new IPs for the system if this ends up happening.

IdleLeeSiuLung3786d ago

We all know how much junk there is on the iPhone app store and this is Sony's way of controlling it. I'm not sure if making it free will change anything other than making the PSN app store riddled with mess. Charging a small fee might deter the casual junk stuff that get's created.

ChozenWoan3786d ago

Sony believe in the freedom of creativity, but maintains a standard of quality. They wont allow anything and everything to just slide right onto the system. They have to review it and ensure that it meets a minimum level of quality or else it gets sent back to the devs for reworking. That's one of the thing I really like about Sony is their commitment to quality.

Sarcasm3786d ago

Damn Sony, if you can give away free dev kits, surely you could have gave away 1 stinkin' free dynamic theme.

raztad3786d ago


I dont pay for themes. At least ONE bare dynamic theme should be provided. WTH?

callahan093786d ago

Why doesn't anybody realize that 3.00 came with a free dynamic theme? If you go to your Settings > Themes tab on the XMB and select the "Original" theme, it's a new animated version of it. How does that not qualify as a free dynamic theme?

Sarcasm3786d ago


If that's the case, then the original non-sparkle background is already a dynamic theme seeing as how it moves around. Adding the sparkles is well... just adding sparkles...

I think people would have enjoyed it more to see it's potential like the LBP or Afrika theme.

carterboys3786d ago

please sony, my psp will thank you

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The story is too old to be commented.