Xbox 360's Media Shortcomings

This generation, consoles have expanded from the idea of simply just a games console as can be seen with the introduction of online marketplaces, social interaction, web browsing, video-on-demand services, music playing, picture viewing and sharing and many other media and entertainment facilities that are built into the two current-gen platforms.

So with all this in mind, what is wrong with the Xbox 360's functionality when it comes to all of this?

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Elven63784d ago

Microsoft was given prototype HD DVD drives by Toshiba in early/mid 2005, if they really wanted to they could have gotten it to work with little to no delay. If the reports of Microsoft making a profit at launch are true then they would suffer a very small loss or a very small profit.

In the long run lets assume with the HD DVD drive the system was still sold at roughly the same price, HD DVD would have obviously done better and Microsoft profited more in the long run thanks to all the royalty fees they made on HD DVD discs and to a certain extent Blu Ray.

But they didn't do that of course and now are feeling the wrath of the consumer (to a certain extent, but not as vocal s others), developers, and possibly within as well.

D4RkNIKON3784d ago

I really didn't know that you could only stream audio and video from PC to 360 but not copy it to the HDD. It really doesn't make sense, that is one feature of the PS3 that really makes it a media hub. So there is no other way to copy music to the xbox other than CD?

DrRobotnik3784d ago

Yep,thats it. When ever I want to download movies, I do it on my ps3. Doing it on my 360 seems kinda of pointless. And don't get me started on that laggerific netflix. Unless you have a very fast internet connection, it's crappy.

Tee7soo3784d ago

i don't really care much about bluray and all that
iv never watched a bluray film on my ps3 .
bluray is overrated ! DVD rules !

D4RkNIKON3784d ago

I am either sensing sarcasm, or idiocy. How can you say that BluRay is overrated when you have never seen it in action? Do you really believe that DVD has better picture and sound quality? Hmmm

Tee7soo3784d ago

lol dude i said i never watched a bluray movie on my ps3
but i did watch allot on my friend house
and its overrated , and i don't mean DVD is better , i mean the difference between them is really not so big , do you actually care about the quality that much when watching a movie ?? if its a decent quality (DVD) then its all good .
but for games i see a big advantage for bluray over DVD .

ShenmueLegacy3784d ago

Actually you're pretty much wrong about everything you've just said. Blu-Ray is obviously an increase and quite a substantial one, but the problem is that some movies aren't properly "blu-rayed up" so they don't look better than DVD but newer movies certainly do.

Also, Blu-Ray doesn't actually have ANY impact on games whatsoever apart from the need to do installs to get a game to run at a decent speed. Oh and they allow ridiculous amounts of CGI cut-scences that should have been done seemlessly in the in-game engine anyway.

Tee7soo3784d ago

Actually you're wrong , bluray can have
a big advantage over DVD for games
look at games like mgs 4 or lbp
if it was on the 360 it may need 3 or 4 discs
and thats only 3 years on this generation life cycle , so how big you say games well be after 4 or 5 years from now ?
so i see a big difference here between DVD and bluray .

for movies bluray is very overrated , sure you well get better res and sound and all that but common its a f!!cking movie , if you don't have a 42 hd tv or more then bluray wont really be a huge difference .
trust me i saw allot of movies on bluray , and i was surly not impreesed .

ShenmueLegacy3783d ago

Sorry but yet again you're wrong about gaming on Blu-Ray. LBP would work in terms of disks just fine on the 360, the disk makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. As for MGS4, it's only big and takes up loads of room due to the fact that like I said before the cut-scences are NOT in-game in-engine but actually just CGI movie clips which take up lots of room in HD. This is why it's only japanese games that take up more room because they don't always use in-engine clips.