PS3 Slim sold approximately 40k in the UK's launch week

GameZine: By looking at the sales of the PS2 Slim we can discover the approximate sales of the PS3 Slim.

We've already reported that the PS3 sold 11 times more than the previous week in the UK following the release of the PS3 Slim. This statistic was provided by Chart-Track, but they were reluctant to release solid hardware figures.

However, one statistic stood out. The PS3 Slim sold 21 per cent less than the PS2 Slim did in its launch week in 2004. That number has now been discovered.

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zeeshan3795d ago

Why can't they release the exact figures? I don't get it? Anyway if 40k is true then hey, that's not bad for a week's sale!

kaveti66163795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

It's logistically impossible to make a precise count of every hardware unit sold. This is why everyone from stock analysts to company CEOs to rabid fanboys rely on accurate ranged estimates provided by groups like Media Create, NPD, and even VG Chartz.

BulletToothtony3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

haha some people just can't see the big picture.. they simply CAN'T accept that the ps3 is selling good.. they have to spin it into some non-sense.. they couldn't talk about games anymore.. they know that the ps3 took over last year with games, and all they had a hold was sales.. now they're running out of ideas.. haha..

Before we know it they're going to start comparing it to how many drinks were sold in the superbowl..

techie3795d ago

Huh? Comparing to the PS2 Slim was the only way to get approximate sales numbers.

Instead of this 1000% boll*cks we can have real numbers.

SuperM3795d ago

lol @ Bullet

Please stop making the rest of us sony fans look stupid. This is not a negative article in any way, and selling only 21% less then the PS2 slim at a higher price point shows that PS3 is definately up there in terms of popularity and has a very bright future.

rockleex3794d ago

It should definitely sell more.

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pandabear3795d ago

Yeah good firgures for UK alone.

To get the scale in perspective I like to relate numbers to full stadiums, So:

Uk = Everyone in Anfield bought a ps3 slim this week

Japan = Old Trafford sold out twice bought a PS3 Slim

redsquad3795d ago

Watch yer lip sunshine!!! ;)
(although I live on the other side of the Mersey!)

dazzalfc3795d ago

"The PS3 Slim sold 21 per cent less than the PS2 Slim did in its launch week in 2004. That number has now been discovered. "

The PS2 slim was also far cheaper than the PS3 slim, it also wasn't released during a rather terrible recession, and the PS2 slim was released late October/early November, pushing it inline with the beginning of the Christmas push that all consoles get.

If your going to analyse the difference in sales, at least go into it with abit of depth for better comparison.

techie3795d ago

"It's also interesting to note that when the PS2 Slim launched, sales increased by "only" 310 per cent over the previous week. Despite this, the PS2 Slim still sold 21 per cent more than the PS3 Slim in it's launch week - though the price of the system was much lower than the PS3 Slim is now. "

mrv3213795d ago

Also the PS3 slim has been released earlier in it's life cycle than the PS2 slim... more people would have been waiting for a PS2 slim than a PS3 one.

shutupandplay3795d ago

I would assume the droids would steer clear of this article as it`s about sales...

wxer3795d ago

i dont care about sales as i always said
the only thing that i wana say is



sunil3795d ago

am sure you would cause 360 sold 10k and ps3 sold 40k

Sunny_D3795d ago

Owned. shutupandplay just don't try.

cereal_killa3795d ago

But your here front and center just like every other Muppet 360 fanboy SALES SALES SALES...... I can see you crying using your cross game chat talking to Mart, Jason360, Corywebb and PP screaming out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOO it all we Muppet's have left now what"

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