VGR: The Top 5 Dos and Don'ts of Top 5s on Gaming Blogs

Are you sick of badly researched Top 5's on gaming websites? Alex Beech from has written a guide to help you create top 5 articles with ease.

"At this point it is widely accepted that most members of the Internet generation have the attention span of a gnat in heat. We want our information now, and if it takes us more than two minutes to read and doesn't have pictures then we cannot be bothered. It is a sad state of affairs that basically we have regressed to, (or maybe never matured from) our elementary school selves. I am not judging; I am as guilty as anyone. Hundreds of articles sit in my RSS feed waiting for me to look at their title and see if they are worthy of a cursory glance. We find ourselves clicking on a pandering article titled to get clicks, perpetuating the cycle by reaffirming that is the rapidly digestible that we desire, not engaging discourse."

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Saaking3784d ago

Professional game "journalism" is non-existent. All of these guys are biased one way or another. Even the big ones like IGN.