Sony Online Announces Kung Fu Hustle MMO

Gamasutra reports that Sony Online Entertainment has announced the first details of its online multiplayer Kung Fu Hustle, based on the Stephen Chow movie of the same name and developed by its Taipei-based SOGA studio specifically for the Chinese market.

Sony Online says the game will combine the best elements of classic fighting games from the past and adds compelling character designs, new technology and trademark humor from the movie for a new generation of gamers."

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Azurite4485d ago

Sounds like a fun concept.
I pray it'll be as fun as it sounds and not just another mmo.

Pheneus4485d ago

they are really going to create a game based on a chow sing chi movie, much less an mmo. I will be amazed if it turns out as anything north of horrible.

Boink4485d ago

the movie sucked, and games made from movies are usually sooooo good.

I think we know where this game is going...

ITR4485d ago

I loved the movie, but the game idea just sounds bad.

BIadestarX4485d ago

I can believe this... is this a joke? May's fool!?

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