UK: PS3 outsells Wii and DS 3 to 1 too

GZ: Other websites have reported that PS3 sales in the UK have risen by 999 per cent, but it's actually higher due to the fact that Chart-Track's system doesn't go any higher.

According to Chart-Track, sales of the PS3 have increased by over 999 per cent in the UK. The hardware and software tracker's system is actually limited to three digits, so the actual increase is higher, at around eleven times the previous week.

Of course, like in Japan, consumers have been waiting for the release of the PS3 Slim, with PS3 sales dropping by 20 per cent last week.

Xbox 360 sales are actually up again, this time by 29 per cent, compared to a 43 per cent increase a week earlier.

The PS3 Slim's sales puts the console ahead of all other video gaming hardware, at three times the sales of the Xbox 360, DS Lite and Nintendo Wii individually (they all sold around the same in the week ending 5th September).

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koyomi koy3790d ago

holy sh*t! ps3sales is over 1000!

Model3790d ago

you mean they are over 9000 :)

El Botto3790d ago

Does that mean I am a stupid in denial xbot now?

cayal3790d ago

Jesus christ.

Even if there was 1 PS3 sold last week, it would have sold 1000 this week. That's ridiculous.

Darkeyes3790d ago

Lol... Just wait till GT5 and FF13 (Japan) land.... The Pwnage has hardly begun.... This holiday season is sealed... At this rate, that 7 million (6.5 now) lead of 360 seems too small....

heroicjanitor3790d ago

Because chart track can't go any higher? That means it's literally off the charts! Selling 500,000 in a week is amazing too that's twice what the 360 sold in america during last month

techie3790d ago

lol the Slim broke Charttrack

gamesmaster3790d ago

call me crazy but i think 1m sold worldwide for September is a possibility.

SuperM3790d ago

lol cayal your math is truly terrible. 1000% increase does not mean 1000 times as many sales, not even remotely close.

techie3790d ago

Yes it means 11 times. So if 1 PS3 was sold last week, there would have been 11 sold this week.

bmw693790d ago

Man you need to learn how percentages work ;-)

XLiveGamer3790d ago

How many FAT PS3's have been traded for Slim PS3's?

Well Sony PS3 Fanatics dont complain about that question and dont fncking disagree because in the past you have been complaining about " But but but... RROD 360 is making people buy New 360" Waaaa, waaaa, waaa!!!

Shadow Flare3790d ago

Why the hell would anybody want to trade in their fat ps3 for a slim? I have a backwards compatible launch ps3, why would i trade that for a slim? Its not like my console is broken so i have to buy a new one

Sarcasm3790d ago

lol the spin hassss begun... Starting with 1.9

Bubble Buddy3790d ago

Shadow Flare has a good point. Why would I want to trade in my fat PS3 for barely any money. If anyone wanted a slim and had a fat one, they'd buy a 2nd ps3 because it's just that good of a console.

uxo223790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

You are right, that is a fair question. But I guarantee you that there are people out there doing just that. I personally don't think it's a good idea to trade your fat for a slim, but there are people out there that want's the new hotness.

Here are a few possible reasons:

Smaller footprint
Cooler running with 45nm processor
bigger HD
Less Power Consumption
Faster at loading games
New Warranty since the old one was out of warranty

These are thing that appeal to some people. I'm the kind of person that's content with what I have but others must be on that leading edge.

blackmagic3790d ago

The home theatre guys would probably think about trading in their phat ps3's since the slim bitstreams and is quieter. I'm actually thinking about picking up a slim myself for exactly this reason. (but I'm keeping my phat for its backwards compatibility)

cayal3790d ago

lol yes my math was truly horrible last night.

wow embarrassing.

The Creep3790d ago

lol at cayal

word of advice go back to school

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pandabear3790d ago

I prefer to see actual numbers over percentages - So was pleased when got to the bottom of article and it shows that in Japan it has sold over 150,000 in last week

Now i'm impressed because the PS3 is usually between 12-18k a week in Japan so going with an average of 15k that is 10 weeks worth of sales in 1 week.

thehitman3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Increase well... cant beat that.... Im glad I seen tons of ps3 ads here in the US no slim ads I seen yet but 299 ps3 ads and not just 1 or 2 a lot of em. Sony needs to create a huge marketing push here in the US like they running for president.

edit: take that back.... lol japan had a 15k% increase .....

v1c1ous3790d ago

wii ds and 360 all sold the same this week.

man, there's going to be some interesting numbers for the rest of the year.

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