What to expect from Agent?

"Perhaps the quietest of announcements from the Sony's 2009 E3 conference was also the most significant. Rockstar Games will be making a new IP exclusively for the PS3, whats more Rockstar's flagship studio, Rockstar North answering the call. According to one of the Houser brothers, the IP will be given production values as much as any Rockstar game and even hopes to make something as big as GTA IV."

We take a closer look at what Agent might become!

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THC CELL3795d ago

pointing out agent is a game that rockstar has been waiting years for to develop
this wont be a let down

Feral Gamer3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I think it'll be a great game, Rockstar games usually are, however I want more info about this game. All I can find is that it takes place during the Cold War with assassinations, espinoage, and stuff, as stated in the article. I hope they disclose info at TGS.

thereapersson3795d ago

This is coming from Rockstar North, which is the most talented out of all the Rockstar development studios. I can't wait to see some actual information and screenshots / gameplay footage on this title.

The wait is killing me!

ReservoirDog3163795d ago

I get the feeling it's gonna be something like the movie Munich. If that's the case then they have one guaranteed sale already.

Saaking3795d ago

I'd like there to be multiple characters/ cities that you can explore. Make it a HUGE game like GTA IV was intended to be.

Knightrid8083795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I have great expectation from Rockstar North. With the PS3's spec, the Houser brothers won't be held back.

badz1493795d ago

I don't really understand! Just because it's developed by R* North, doesn't mean it's awesome ALREADY, right? we've seen practically nothing from this game but yet people are already hyping it to the sky! When Jack Tretton announced the game during E3, I was like, "Ok, so there will be a new game coming for R*" but nothing like "OMFGBBQ, Agent will be awesome!" kinda feeling! GTAIV has taught a useful lesson. I won't be hyped by Agent not at least after I see some footage.

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Tee7soo3795d ago

i really hope that agent gameplay well be close to gta iv
that would be amazing .

gerth6663795d ago

Id like it to be gta style game, but your character would be a Jason Bourne type guy with all the ass kicking and gun shooting.

Buttons3795d ago

Hopefully they fix the small things that were wrong with GTA4, like the repetitive missions and d-bag worthy AI.

poindat3795d ago

That's sort of what I'm imagining. Something of a mix between GTA, Assassin's Creed, and maybe The Saboteur.

Really, as long as it's open world, I'll be happy.

table3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I hope the main character in Agent will have a little more personality than Jason Bourne...

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Saaking3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

*Great Graphics
*Great Characters
*Great Gameplay
*Great Story
*Great reliability.

It is, after all, a PS3 exclusive developed by R* North.

Shadow Man3795d ago

I would like to thank you in Advance for beta testing the game for me.

Saaking3795d ago

Stupid bot, PS3 exclusive are not possible on the xbox 360. Do you want it to explode or what?

3795d ago
FiftyFourPointTwo3795d ago

And I'd like to thank you for beta testing SC:C and ME2 for us PS3 owners. :P

3795d ago
FlipMode3795d ago

LOL @ the disagrees above, looks like some of the XDF are a little mad.

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Shadow Man3795d ago

the Agent on my 360, after the Droids beta test the game for us Bots.

Shadow0173795d ago

I like how the bot try to spin and say beta testing weren't you the one saying you would rather play the game a year early.

The_Beast3795d ago

too bad youll never get it, sony has a 3 game exclusive contract with RS..... so keep waiting poor bot, and if its ps3 exclusive. shtbox will blow up.. since they dont have to hold it back

n to the b3795d ago

check the PS3 slim sales articles. every1 (rightly) slammed mart for pointing out how sonyfans say sales don't matter. mart was wrong, and you're wrong when u say we can't claim beta-testing.

(not that I actually believe this is likely to come to 360, don't get me wrong. just the principle of the thing.)

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Saaking3795d ago

Greatness. It's what we get from almost all PS3 exclusives.

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