5 Gaming Characters You Should Have By Your Side

Go Gaming Giant finds out what 5 characters you should always have by your side.

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DrRobotnik3787d ago

No one would ever mess with you, with a friend like that.

nomoregameblogs3787d ago

kratos can smack down any day!

gooneygugu3788d ago

Good article, not sure I would want Captain Falcon watching my back though.

Ziriux3788d ago

Naw, you need Solid Snake up there dude, he makes Fenix look like a chump.

Go Gaming Giant3787d ago

Marcus would own Solid Snake any day

dorron3787d ago

Definitely Snake>>>>Marcus

dorron3788d ago

No Kratos? No Snake/Big Boss? Even Raiden or Vamp??? Ryu Hayabusha?

The characters from that list couldn't stand a round against those...

RadientFlux3788d ago

If Raiden was by my side, I would give him a wedgie and call him an emo b*tch

dorron3788d ago

Hahahahaha !!! X-D

Maybe...but he's a bada*s Motherf**ker on MGS4.

FiftyFourPointTwo3788d ago

Travis Touchdown, my most favorite character this gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.