FIFA 10: Improved Player Control

GamersDigest writes;

"Electronic Arts today unveiled a new video showcasing the improvements of player control in FIFA 10 over the game's last iteration, with FIFA 10 now featuring a 360 degree dribbling system."


They have also uploaded a new 'Basic Attacking Tutorial' video on the site, which goes through dribbling, passing and shooting.

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IronFistChinMi3793d ago

Can't wait to try it out! Hopefully the PES demo will appear in a couple of weeks so I can compare.

Panzerkanzler3793d ago

Fifa 10 is sure buy for me. I'm getting it on release day, that's for sure.

Skynetone3793d ago

i asked for store credit instead, i asked for 10% off towards a different game, f++k i had to take it, as it turns out fifa is a great game and constantly amazed how players react to the ball and other players

a few complaints, the amount of options is ridiculous and confusing and the options you do want dont exist, and forcing me to download some update at the start is stupid

iceman063793d ago

Update probably was related to the ONLINE stuff!!! I agree that FIFA 09 was quite a lot of fun. This year...I dare say...they actually look to IMPROVE on it. At least with 360 degree movement the little nagging issues with control SHOULD be gone! With PES stepping up this's a GREAT time to love the sport!