IncGamers: Supreme Commander 2 Hands-On Preview

IncGamers' Tim McDonald gets his hands on the PC version of Supreme Commander 2. From the article:

"I'm not a natural turtler with most RTS games, but my computerised opponent was sending in waves from every direction, so some point-defense laser turrets seemed a good initial idea. Funnily enough, they worked better than expected. Backing them up with a few artillery pieces held off the enemies long enough for me to knock out the nearest enemy base, which would've been a prouder moment had that base contained more than a Mass Extractor and a few turrets."

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Leord3788d ago

Oh, I love RTS games :)

Raf1k13788d ago

Same here. I'm really looking forward to this.

ThanatosDMC3788d ago

This a BS article. If he loved the first supreme commander why is he sounding like such a noob? I bet he's never play the first one or its expansion.

I'm not liking what he said about how the tech tree needs to be "unlocked" to get more units. Why cant we just tech up our factories???

I'm really hoping that there will be an organic race kinda like the zergs but more hideous and monstrous.

I cant wait to find out the specs that we need to play this game fluidly on high settings.

Maticus3788d ago

Sounds like lots of fun actually

Aloren3788d ago

Sounds intriguing...

I mean it should be nice, but the fact that people who didn't like the 1st like this one is a little worrying for the fans of the 1st one. I hope it's not overly simplified and thar it has not become "just another rts".

ThanatosDMC3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Yeah, i totally agree. From the article, its starting to sound just like another RTS game. Especially when he described unlocking units and spending points.

WTF is spending points?! Mass and energy are not points. I'll be pissed if they F-up my favorite RTS game.

I better see 1000+ units killing each other. I hope they do not limit this game. I'm worried about those pictures he provided. There's not a lot of units on screen. Oh well, i'll wait for more info.

Argh! He only mentions using 80 normal units plus taking down an Experimental?! In SupCom1 my factories are always churning out units non-stop...

Scenarist3788d ago

this does sound fun , I cant wait