CVG: Halo 3: ODST Preview

CVG writes: "Bungie's new offices are rubbish. Aside from a makeshift motion capture studio they exist solely to handle the massive amounts of admin Bungie now generate as an independent developer and are as terminally beige as offices tend to be. Only the stack of Peter Jackson's Halo props and a makeshift motion-capture room remind you there's a game studio just a quarter-mile down the road, but if the offices are a disappointment, ODST is anything but.

More than any other revelation it's the sheer bloody size of ODST which should take you by surprise. For a year Bungie have touted it as an expansion - a little extra dose of Halo for the fans - but ODST is as big as Halo 3, as epic as Halo 3, and even better than the very best of Halo 3..."

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