Playstation 3 Slim sells big in Japan

Examiner: "The Playstation 3 has its biggest week in terms of hardware sales this past week in Japan."

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Lucreto3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Like I have been saying it was like 2007 all over again.

(8/10 – 8/16)360- 9,162 PS3- 5,944

(8/17 – 8/23)360– 8,979 PS3– 2,052

(8/24 – 8/30)360- 7,254 PS3- 1,040

(8/31 - 9/06)360- unknown PS3- 150,832

So the 360 had gained 25,395 over the PS3 in the weeks before the price cut.

SiLeNt KNighT3794d ago

Disrespect!! The slim has started the domination and is set to disrespect the competition. 150K a single week is ridiculous. not only that but we're starting to see history repeat itself... ps2 to ps3. slim, price cut, unmatched exclusives. wii will die out and become another gamecube, 360 will fall behind and have to release another system to keep up, and the ps3 will last another 8 years with awesome exclusives and better and better pricing.

sunnygrg3794d ago

Its like Christmas all over again.

Sarcasm3794d ago

Hrmm... something's missing...

So far I don't see any

"But but but..."

Where are you guys?

Hrmm... Someone needs to post some bad PS3 news to bait the 360 fans...

aceitman3794d ago

was done in three days it launched on the 3rd not the 31st it only sold 800 the other 4 days sweeeeeeeeeet

FamilyGuy3794d ago

We saw pictures of the lines of people in japan waiting on it's launch, what kinda of number were expected? I'm more interested in what number it evens out to, though that'll be hard to judge as we're getting closer to the holidays and all.

XLiveGamer3794d ago

How many FAT PS3's have been traded for Slim PS3's?

Well Sony PS3 Fanatics dont complain about that question and dont fncking disagree because in the past you have been complaining about " But but but... RROD 360 is making people buy New 360" Waaaa, waaaa, waaa!!!

zeeshan3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Next week, we'll probably see Omega and others saying "Look the PS3 sales dropped this week around 50%" (cuz lets face it, it'll not sell like this for ever) and they'll be like Xbox360 is still going strong NOT realizing that even with the drop, the PS3 SLIM will still be selling higher than Xbox360.

In other news: Bobby Kotick was found running naked in front of his house, jumping, screaming and laughing with joy, anticipating millions of $ from the quickly multiplying PS3 community.

Lifendz3794d ago

How many fat PS3s were traded for Slims? Seriously? How many 360 owners bought a second 360 because the first one broke and the next one broke? I doubt many people that owned fats traded them in mainly because the fats are the ones with BC. My 60gb is worth more than any rehash or new sku because it has full BC. Some of the 80s have partial bc. Slims are selling because people wanted a PS3. Don't hate.

Christopher3794d ago

Why the hell do these so called journalists keep referring to the sales of the rest of August, which was so low because they were selling off remaining stock, when talking about PS3 Slim sales?

Honestly, you idiots, do you not understand what it means to sell off stock for a replacement skew? Don't use that to somehow draw a line to the issues the product was having when actually it's a good thing that people actually bought the mass majority of the remaining stock and, even then, waited for the new sku.

Sorry, it's just that every journalist seems to write this crap as if the PS3 was in trouble. There no such situation.

Godmars2903794d ago

"So the 360 had gained 25,395 over the PS3 in the weeks before the price cut."

If prior 360 numbers are the same or similar, and there's no reason to think otherwise, the PS3 just outpaced them by over 100K.

morganfell3794d ago

Seriously Xlive Gamer. Give it a rest. Tell us how many 360s are refurbs. We have been asking that question a hell of a lot longer.

The PS3 is like Godzilla and he won't be satisfied with Japan alone.

gaffyh3794d ago

Now what happens in Japan when...
FF13 releases...
Tales of Vesperia releases...
Last Rebellion releases...
Trinity Universe releases...
FFvs13 releases...
Yakuza 4 releases...

This is why Japan matters A LOT. If you don't have the sales there, you have very little confidence from Japanese devs.

RememberThe3573794d ago

Now we get to see everyone freak out over the holiday sales figures. lol It's going to be great.

SnuggleBandit3794d ago

@ xlive gamer

null argument there buddy because in that scenario there are two working ps3's as compared to only one out of two working xbox's. Not a very clever argument on your part. Two people get to enjoy ps3(both at some point counted in npd or whatever). Two xbox's, one broken, one person gets some enjoyment(both count in the sales data)

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Jamie Foxx3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

...sad really all over console sales

thereapersson3794d ago

I wonder how high a bridge he's planning on jumping off of?

-EvoAnubis-3794d ago

Yeah, Omega is probably in a meeting right now, trying to figure out how to spin this.

justpassinggas3794d ago

Ahahaha that is hilarious and yet so true!

Marceles3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

lol Evo, yeah looking at his spin index cards

"Buh PS3 is too expen...err..." (shuffles index cards)
"Buh the 360 is selling better worldwi...err..."(shuffle )
"Buh no games...err...."(shuffle shuffle)
"Buh we have exclusives like Halo ODST and..Mass Ef...err..."(shuffle)

cayal3794d ago

lol it sold more then the 360 has in Japan in its lifetime.

[email protected]3794d ago

@thereapersson: I be happy when that happen and to prove it here is my feeling about it:

Abriael3794d ago

"Yeah, Omega is probably in a meeting right now, trying to figure out how to spin this. "

Ahah I was actually wondering the same thing. Looks like he's nowhere to be seen. Maybe he's hidden in a corner crying?

chaosatom3794d ago

Omega is most likely in state of denial and seriously butt hurt.

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tripewire3794d ago




Lfmesquite3794d ago

There goes those 15k, the XBOX 360 outsold it by last month.

Kratos2153794d ago

lol, bubbles to whoever knows whats that a reference to

i_i_n3794d ago

army of darkness is ringing a bell for me... :-)

on topic- 150k in a week. that is simply an astonishingly high number. major props to sony as far as sales go. not only that, i personally believe without a doubt that they have the best game lineup already, and its only going to get sweeter in the future. and games are what really matter, i know, i just want the the 'omg ps3 is selling bad' to stop for once. and those who say things like that now just got b!tch slapped with a sales figure like that.

*goes back to waiting for Uncharted 2*

Whitefox7893793d ago

Well it's plainly obvious it's Duke Nukem!


@ i_i_n

I belive your thinking of Bubba Ho-tep where Bruce Campbell says "You Don't F*ck With The King"