Slightly Mad: GT5's damage isn't "quite so realistic"

Slightly Mad Studios' Andy Tudor has suggested that Gran Turismo 5's damage modelling isn't "quite so realistic" as Need For Speed: Shift's.

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Wiitactics5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

They don't even mention Forza 3 once. LoL

Why? Because Forza it's irrelevant when compared with Gran Turismo and the NFS:S Devs wanted to be compared with the best. =)

This is just EA trying to draw a little bit of attention to their game. You know how tough will be for them to release that piece of crap with Forza and Gran Turismo coming this year too...

If racing sims are for nerds then NFS:S is for n00bs!!!

WildArmed5426d ago

'NFS Shift developers'

Ofc they wont talk about Forza. NFS shift just wants to take a shot at the top dog of racing (GT-series).

Forza is good, but no other Racing franchise is acclaimed as the GT series. So whenever people talk about racing, they compare to GT.

Its like how people compare FPS to halo all the time. (its the most acclaimed FPS franchise)

siyrobbo5426d ago

maybe they didnt mention forza because the damage modelling is better than theres? GT's damage modelling is a joke (well it os right now anyway)

callahan095426d ago


I don't understand why everybody thinks GT5's damage is a joke. I thought it looked very nice when I first saw it in motion. I'm looking at a video from PAX on Friday of Forza 3, and I don't see how this game's damage is any more impactful than GT5's.


If there's a better video out there that shows how Forza 3's damage is more impactful and realistic than GT5's, please point me in that direction.

I mean, that Bugatti barely got damaged at all, and he flew into that wall, head-on, at 150 mph. If damage modeling were realistic at all, that car would have been completely destroyed. The hood would have crumpled, the doors would have buckled, the thing wouldn't look anything like it did in this game after such a collision.

So I honestly just don't see where GT5's damage is getting all this flak for being unrealistic and weak, where Forza's is getting praised to the heavens, and I'm not seeing how Forza's is any better or more realistic.

El Botto5426d ago

GT is for real racing fans and pro racers.

NFS is for the gamer who cant get enough of GT5.

siyrobbo5426d ago

ill reserve final judgement when the game hits, and i get to play it, but as it stands - from what i've seen of it, i'd rather they didnt bother at all with damage. It just seems like its been tacked on at the last minute. But for all i know they have a newer build set to blow every one away at TGS

Like i say i'll reserve judgement for the full retail release

Same goes for forza (which i never mentioned, i havent seen anything of Forza 3's damage modeling, forza 2's was pretty good- tho not a patch on grid/dirt)

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adriano9995426d ago

probably because nfs:shift have like 20 cars?

wxer5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

so now Slightly Mad acting like a big boys huh ??

and this is their first game

we'll see what they'll say when the reviews/sales charts comes out

there is gona be a lot of ownage

but you know what Slightly Mad
compare your game to game at the same level
what about super car challenge ?
super car challenge is going to kick NFS:S ass too

so bottom line is Slightly Mad needs to shut their mouths and do a good game cus this is their first game after all

LiL T5426d ago

"We do as much as the manufacturers allow us to do, which is anything up to the point of encroaching the driver's safety zone, which means we can't tear the doors off.

GT5 also has (or plans to have) interior damage as well, how do Slightly dumb explain that. I guess when your car models look like plastic with custom stickers or in shifts case not true to life representation of manufactures vehicles, they don't care that much. Seem's like GT5 is the only one having issues with manufactures because thier vehicles actually don't look like plastic or get blured out when racing.

sorry about the rambling its 5:30am so the sentences maybe incomprehensible.

MNicholas5426d ago

that putting roll-cages in all the cars isn't realistic.

Still, gives us some insight into why damage modeling in these games is so bad ... manufacturer restrictinos. Damage modeling isn't technically demanding. Some old PS2 and Xbox games that didn't use actual car models had great damage modeling.

phosphor1125426d ago

That quote is one of the major reasons why GT has never done damage. Forza is the only one pretty much "breaking the rules" unless they are putting money down on those features. Both PD and SMS have said that manufacturers didn't like their cars busted up. EVEN GREENWALT HAS SAID FERRARI HATED THE IDEA OF THEIR CARS GETTING SMASHED.

"No, PD is just lazy." Yep. Lazy.

stevenhiggster5426d ago

Forgive me if I'm wrong here (which I'm not) but since when was having roll cages in racing cars 'not realistic'!? I would say NOT having a roll cage in a racing car is 'not realistic'!

sunil5426d ago

Updated from article

"UPDATE: Andy has since been in touch with GamerZines to clarify this story.
By stating that Polyphony Digital's method of implementing damage was 'not quite so realistic', he simply meant that adding rollcages to the car was "a good workaround but one we haven't had to do on Need For Speed: Shift", rather than stating that GT5's damage modelling was less realistic than that of Need For Speed: Shift's."

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morkendo5426d ago

slightly mad give it up will ya shift no where near compatible with GT5 realistic damages. not even with GRID an u guys trying match them.

1nOnly5426d ago

i haven't seen one single car damaged in Shift. Its highly unlikely to not have car damage but I have to see to believe

Sarcasm5426d ago

Here we go again.

Any minute now, Forza 3 trolls are gonna come barging in.

JOLLY where are you brotha?

Montrealien5426d ago

not unlike the GT trolls I presume. How about the console racing fans? You know, like the ones that don`t feel the need to be douches and just appreciates good competition. Even I know GT5 is no holy grails of racing, its just a very good game, you kids need to simmer down a little and enjoy games cause with Forza 3, Shift, Dirt 2 and even maybe the top dog GT 5 all coming out this holiday season there si something for everyone. Its a great time to be a console racing fan. And its never a great time to be a marginal (enthusiasts).