PlayStation 3 Sales Rocket 1000% on Slim Release

Chart-Track has told that sales of the PlayStation 3 have rocketed 999 per cent over the past week.

Sony introduced the new, slimmer SKU last Tuesday, and although Chart-Track does not reveal actual sales numbers, Dorian Bloch, director of the firm called the growth "a huge increase".

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imnotgoodtenglish3795d ago

the wii has a litttle bit of a problem now.

vhero3795d ago

Who said the price drop wouldn't make a difference? Seems We were right people were waiting for the drop in price after all.

Marceles3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Alot of dumb articles said it wouldn't make a difference:

Title: "PS3 finally has a price drop, but does it matter? Sony still doomed??"
(clicks article)
Article: "Yes, Sony is doomed"

No reason why or anything...

Cyrax_873795d ago

I knew it would be a massive boost but not that high =)

SnuggleBandit3795d ago

holy shiz-nit thats insane!!!

-EvoAnubis-3795d ago

The Wii will do just fine. It's aimed at the casuals, and there are WAY more of them than there are of us.

Jamie Foxx3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

hardware and software wise,lets hope sony can build on this momentum

@below:wow i just read on mcv it was 3-1, 10-1 is mind numbing

vhero3795d ago

Try 10-1 mate they were practically neck and neck until the slim launch.

wxer3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

it looks like the time repeat its self
PS1 and PS2 had a rough time at the first few years
but after that
we all know what happened

and if this goes on for a while of time
i wont be surprised if Microsoft pulled the plug on the 360
and rushed in to the next gen

UnSelf3795d ago

The empire is finally striking back

or should i say its

The return of the jedi?

doesnt matter Sony rules

gaffyh3795d ago

IT'S OVER 9000!

lol no it's not, still 1000% is A LOT more than anyone expected.

JD_Shadow3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Are you SURE you want to stand by that opinion after hearing THIS number? I mean, it would be a hard opinion to keep if Sony keeps THIS up!

EDIT: I don't know if I'd do that, but it's your opinion.

Not saying that I would be rooting for or against it. But I can see moves happening if this pace continues.

[email protected]: We haven't heard a word from Kotick (the Activision douchebag you're talking about) about the whole CoD price hike since his infamous "I'd raise prices more" quote. What makes you think he's gonna come out of his hole to retract or say anything more about his PS3 quote. The man is too much of a coward to own up to his quotes (or stand by them, one of the two).

-EvoAnubis-3795d ago

Yeah, I'll stand by that. Casuals buy the Wii. Period. Some will buy the PS3 as well, but the Wii has that market locked. Count on it.

Bleem3603795d ago

a big congratulations to Sony - very impressive numbers.

But (there's always a but)

1000% of what exactly? Does anyone have sales figures for the week in question?

1000% of 1 = 10
1000% of 20,000 = 200,000

1000% sounds impressive, but without the number of sales it could mean anything!

soljah3795d ago

so how come we haven't heard a word from that idiot over at activision. while Sony will continue to lose money on every unit sold. it's companies like them that will make out like bandits with the increased user base. at least he could come and say good move sony thanks
for sony psn and even home will start generating more and more income
for sce

SprSynJn3795d ago

While I agree with the Wii being for the casuals, you have to remember that the PS and the PS2 were both considered the casual gamers consoles the last two generations. The PS3 picking up where those two left off, while certainly being a feat, would not be entirely impossible. All the Wii has for it is Nintendo's games. Sony has their's and 3rd party titles.

GameGambits3795d ago

I'll be the last person to tell you I care about sales in any way. I just care about the quality and me getting to have it.

That being said though even I am curious about Japan in 2009. I want to see what Final Fantasy 13 + PS3 Slim = Out to. I really feel that'll be a record setter later this year.

I also feel this holiday season most people will be getting PS3's and not 360s. Most either have a Wii/360/both and now it's time for the PS3 to come swoop in. The good guys win in the end, and Sony has been good to me since PS1. I hope to see them doing well in the future and I hope next console gen they do the same.(I also hope Nintendo gets their big bank account to give me a HD console on par with or above a PS3 in the next 2 years already. The Wii is a dust collector)

drdistracto7073795d ago

DATS AMAZING SONY!!!! keep it up!!!!

Pandemic3795d ago

The only thing stopping the PS3 from reaching the top was the price, now with the new slim and a new slim price, it's reached the top!

ReservoirDog3163795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

If this is true, then wow. I thought the slim would increase sales but not to this degree. Though there isn't exactly a solid number yet, is there?

morkendo3795d ago


Razzy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

You should have said Nintendo has a "Wii" bit of a problem. ;)

Sarcasm3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I'm going to do some fanboy math here.

But let's say in theory Europe has been selling PS3s around the same rate as the U.S. It's usually more, but for the sake of my uber fanboy math we'll theorize anyway.

August NPD
PlayStation 3 -- 130,600K

So multiply that into 1000% = 1,306,000

Hrmm... Nahhhh No way it sold 1.3mil this fast. My fanboy math is hilariously wrong.

Edit: Oh wait I'm an idiot. It's weekly sales, not monthly.
So let's just divide by 4 and as a rough guess.

1.3mil / 4 = 325,000

Now that makes more sense actually. Considering Japan which usually sells only 7,500-10,000 PS3s sold 150,000 in one week.

ultimolu3795d ago


Go Sony!

SuperM3795d ago

Good news but lets not be to quick with the assumptions here. It says in the article its outselling the 360 by a 3 to 1 ratio. So dont expect it to be something like a 10 to 1 ratio just because it increased by 1000%. Because PS3 was probably out of stock alot of places before the slim got introduced.

Still a 3 to 1 ratio over the 360 is very impressive.

also @ Sarcasm

The NPD figures are for an entire month. This is just a week. Sales might not be as strong for the rest of the month as the first week.

callahan093795d ago

@SprSynJn -

The Wii appeals to people who never played videogames in their life, though. Senior citizens who probably never so much as played a game of Pong in the 70s or Tetris in the 80s, they are enjoying the Wii. My 60-year old parents have a Wii, and all throughout my life I couldn't get them to play a videogame no matter how much I tried to convince them they might like it. Their friends have Wiis. These people couldn't have cared less about the PS2. They like the Wii basically for Wii Sports Bowling and Wii Fit, and that's it, that's all they care about it. There are way more of them out there than you think. These people will never care about videogames, but the Wii has something for them that they like. I don't think its fair to say the Wii has the casual-gamer market in a lock (it's winning it NOW, but not necessarily for the rest of this generation). Instead, I'd say it has the NON-gamer market in a lock. It's appealing outside of the gamer community entirely. The PS3 and the 360 are starting to offer a lot to appeal to the casual-gamer, but only the Wii will continue to appeal to non-gamers, and there are LOT of non-gamers, so I don't see the Wii getting snuffed out anytime soon.

imtiyaz63795d ago

wow i didn't know vg chartz was a 360 fanboy site. is there any other site for the real numbers????

Consoldtobots3795d ago

"Who said the price drop wouldn't make a difference?"

uhm every fanboy on MS' payroll?

dcbronco3795d ago

Glad to see someone is still using their head. Until real numbers come out we don't know what this means. I do believe the PS3 will sell much better with the price drop. I believe the sales will now most likely consistently beat the 360 worldwide. But I will not believe that there were still thousands of people buying PS3s the week before an announced $100 price drop. It's most likely sales dropped down to a few thousand the week before the drop. Like you said, 1000% up on 1 console is only 10. Let's wait to see the sales for the month after this drop. That's when we will get to see the truth.

Bubble Buddy3795d ago

Yeah I noticed so many more newbies in online lol jokes but congrats to Sony and hopefully they keep this up.

Wiinsight3795d ago

The Wii is fine. As any mathematician will tell you, 1000% of nothing is still nothing.

ExgamerLegends23794d ago

thought it was 9000. I was about to pull out my Vegeta pic.

Anywho, thats a lot of ps3's.

thesummerofgeorge3794d ago

360 owners are now buying a ps3. For those who didn't see the value and/or potential of the Ps3 in the beginning simply can't ignore the facts any longer, and the price drop + new slim design is all it needed to trigger a large spike in sales. The landscape has changed, now it's Microsofts move, although other than taking things away from the ps3 with money it does seem like they have any other plays, they set themselves up for this by thinking short term.

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Wiitactics3795d ago

Look! More sales data for the bots! Considering how much they love sales it'll be soon until they start to jump ship!

Bots don't need games because they love to play teh salez and the PS3 has both! =D

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3795d ago

PlayStation 3 = 1000% (Sales Jump) ;-P


xBox 360 = 54.2% (RRoD) ;-D

Saaking3795d ago

PS3 domination is imminent. We should all start enjoying owning the bots since they're a dying breed.

dustgavin3795d ago

Nah. The bots will all just rush to buy a PS3 and talk about how they are 'REAL' gamers for doing so.

3795d ago Replies(3)
umair_s513795d ago

Wow, congrats to Sony hope the momentum continues.

LukaX233795d ago

One thing is for sure, Sony knows how to put up a fight.