Call of Duty 4 makes an assault on Batman

The Lost Gamer writes "This weeks all formats chart makes for some interesting reading and see's Rocksteady's caped crusader Batman Arkham Asylum retain the no 1 spot."

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hanmik3796d ago

"However Call of Duty 4 has made a sudden surge for victory again and some 10 months after the game released we find Infinity Wards excellent FPS"

Wasn´t that game released november 2007..? how is that 10 months..?

Ve3tro3796d ago

Yeah it was released in 2007.

DiffusionE3796d ago

I don't see that particular line. Maybe the author edited it after seeing your

Seedhouse3796d ago

Yeah, I edited it before - was submitting on behalf of someone else, and didn't notice, so thanks!

MGRogue20173796d ago

I bet Batman wasn't expecting that one..

Sneaky COD4, Always jumping from behind.. hehe =)

ReservoirDog3163796d ago

My God...

CoD4 is still selling?

Raf1k13796d ago

Yeh it is. A few weeks back I noticed it was still priced at £35 for a new copy at my local Game store.

The only way games retain that kind of price after nearly 2 years is if they're still hot property.