Sony With Big Announcements at TGS 2009

As "Videogameszone" writes, Sony will announce a lot of new PS3 software during the Tokyo Game Show 2009. Also, they could announce a final release date for Gran Turismo 5 or show new stuff for their upcoming motion controller.

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chaosatom3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Sony is on a roll after Gamescon.

SnuggleBandit3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

the freight train is only gonna get faster from here on out!

On topic: perfect conference for me would be a gt5 release date, a last guardian tentative release date, motion control info, and more info on agent(unlikely). Oh and show us some versus 13 and maybe some new exclusives :)

gaffyh3792d ago

Is anyone really surprised that they are going to have announcements? This is Sony, they attend every trade show, and they always announce new stuff.

Eric Cartman3792d ago

Aren't you being too demanding?

About Versus XIII, I think it's highly unlikely that they show anything of significance since SE's focus is on XIII, and there's a possiblity that XIII would make XIII seem outdated. Plus, many of the Versus are working on XIII now.

cayal3792d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2 - I don't care if they announce one thing at TGS as long as it is that.

GameGambits3792d ago

I want more RPGS than I can count on both of my hands coming out from now to the end of 2010 for just my PS3 alone. Everything else is settled for Sony in game genres, but the RPG enthusiasts who got a PS3(trust me there is a LOT of them) are still waiting for the PS3 to hit its stride like PS1 and PS2 era days.

TGS things I want:
Suikoden 6
Breath of Fire 6
Legend of Dragoon 2
New Chrono game
Lunar 3(although im stoked about the PSP remake of #1)
Disgaea 4(Bump up graphics big time)
Tales of game
Secret of Mana/Legend of Mana game
White Knight Chronicles final release date
FFVs13 release date
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep release date
FFXIV Beta release date
FFXIV full game release date

Out of all that the thing I want most is a FFXIV beta date, because that's my most anticipated game from E3 this year. :)

Dragun6193792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I would to hear a Gran Turismo 5 release date, Persona 5, The Last Remnant for PS3 (I know, Its probably canceled :{ ), Tales of Vesperia announced for the states, maybe Star Ocean: The Last Hope for PS3, The Last Guardian, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Other than that, I think Sony got this holiday season.

Sarcasm3792d ago

GT5! GT5! GT5!

That's all I want from TGS. Anything else will be a bonus.

callahan093792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

"White Knight Chronicles final release date"

WKC has been out in Japan since December 25, 2008. The game is done in Japan, they've already released two free "expansion pack" type of things for it in Japan. They've already announced White Knight Chronicles TWO in Japan. If they're going to talk about WKC, it'll be about the sequel, because nobody in Japan cares about a United States release date for the original which has been out in Japan for nearly a year already. TGS will focus on things that interest in Japan first and foremost. That will include things that interest the world, of course, but I can tell you right now they're not going to present information to Japan that is irrelevant to Japan, like an outside-Japan release date for a WKC.

WKC isn't going to get a release date at a fancy event, it'll just get posted on the PSBlog someday and have a press release sent around. That's what they did with Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack In Time, recently.

Jaces3792d ago

Why show everything you got at E3 when you can build up the anticipation and mystery over the course of the year?

Very smart Sony, now just give us that GT5 2009 release date.

Marcelles253792d ago

the big surprise will be a new Jak and Dexter
from naughty dog as the first in the series to hit the PS3 in 2010

sucker punch will show the new Sly cooper TEASER no release date given

this would be an awesome move on Sony's part because it will appeal to a new audience that the PS3 Re-Launch has gathered

also not really high on my list but Resistence 3 will be shown using the Naughty Dog 2.0

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Cyrax_873792d ago

I paid $300 for that G25 and I need some rallying. A new RPG would be sweet as well. btw, anyone know if Demon's Souls is coming to AUS?

ReservoirDog3163792d ago

I doubt it's coming out in Australia. I don't even think it's coming out in Europe. At worst you can always import it.

Flipfito3792d ago

dam.. E3, Gamescom, what else can they possibily announce? the big ones were


soljah3792d ago

well not to surprising
i mean after all Sony is still a japanese company and japan is a very important part of their business.

Sarcasm3792d ago

FFVII Remake!

Let the rumors continue!!!

lids3453792d ago

motion wand controller.

xhi43792d ago


that would make my year!

qface643792d ago

i really doubt that KH3 will be revealed this year especially exclusively on ps3

anyways square-enix would reveal that game only to release it years later

Eric Cartman3792d ago

Most of the KH series devs are working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I doubt we will hear about KH3 anytime soon unless, of course, another development team has been assign to work on it.

Disccordia3792d ago

Nomura is working on about 8 million games right now, so I can't see any announcement of KH3 sadly. I also suspect that after they've got FFXIII out the way, they might work on FFVII. I think Kitase hinted at it recently.

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